The PC Gaming Renaissance

GAMESPY: It's hard to believe that not too long ago, many folks in the gaming industry were yet again ready to write off the PC as a platform on the verge of extinction. A perennial argument that seems to sprout up every few years, "the death of PC gaming" couldn't be more exaggerated. Despite ongoing issues with piracy and lagging sales at the retail counter, the oldest and most flexible of video game platforms continues to thrive. And that's because the game is changing.

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ATi_Elite2726d ago

Renaissance....Nah more like Evolution of not only PC Gaming but the Gaming industry as a whole.

While many were screaming PC Gaming is dead or dying the platform was simply getting rid of the old and bringing in the new and now as always the PC is the forefront of how the video game industry should work.

F2P, MMO's, Digital Distribution, Indie Devs, DLC, Angel Investors, Fremium Games, Social games etc.. All these new age ways of doing business coupled with the age old way of almost NO advertisement and No Licensing fees brings about great gaming and lots of cash.

The only thing that really slowed down PC Gaming was that DX10 really did suck but now with a more Dev friendly DX11, high end titles like BF3 have brought more public notice back to PC Gaming although the quality, fun, and innovation never left.