Konami's Response To PES2008 Issues: Go Buy A HDTV

In what appears to be a sign of Konami's stupidity, or arrogance (maybe both), they have released a sensational statement in regards to the problems faced by PlayStation 3 owners on their Pro Evolution Soccer 2008. The game has slowdown issues in regards to the replays, and this problem seems to vary in intensity from TV model to TV model but it's faced by the majority, regardless if they own a HDTV or a non HD television set.

Konami, however, suggest you to purchase (another) HDTV to enjoy the game on the platform.

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Meus Renaissance3997d ago

Their PR group are absolutely crazy to be releasing such a statement. It's offensive and insulting, and more worryingly shows how little they actually know about the problem.

This "stuttering", frame rate issue basically, also happens on HDTV's although it varies in intensity. Stupid Konami.

I will not buy another PES2008 if they have this same team working on the game. Konami, replace them please or you will lose Europe for sure. FIFA will overtake your franchise if you don't fix this.

JsonHenry3997d ago

I hardly play my PS3 but when I do I have never noticed a problem.

So the PS3 has problems with different HDTVs, or just this game?

jromao3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

I use one Sony Bravia 32" LCD running 1080i (max) and game swaps to 720 when starts, and slowdowns are there and I use the settings bellow to reduce slowdowns by 90% (at least). So they are just moving gamers eyes to other field, instead this PR release, they should just limit words to "we are fixing our errors".

To help reducing PES slowdowns on PS3, do this:

1) Run "Install" option under "System Settings"
2) Turn OFF Commentaries
3) Turn OFF Stadium Effects
4) Turn OFF BGM Music (0%)

with this settings the slowdowns are much much less and we are able to
play better on PS3 but this don't fix on-line lag at all, where on-line game seems one Harry Potter game with ball and players disappearing to return in some other place in field. Ugly.

Konami should pay more attention to CELL processor and PES devs should ask help to Sony techs to use PS3 as it should, but seems they didn't
care at all with it.

Let's hope to get some good news soon.

Neurotoxin3997d ago

Basically they are not going to release a patch, and insult the fanbase as well, good going Konami...... woooooooooo!

NeonSkull3997d ago

i dont have a hd tv just a 32"SD and a really good scart cable, my ps3 games look just sweet to me.

Shankle3997d ago

Yeah, I've got the same setup. It looks almost as good as on a 720p tv of the same size with an hdmi. Anyone who is using an SDTV should definitely get a good scart cable. only problem with them is you tend to get a kind of green filter on any dvds you watch.

Boink3997d ago

how could people not have an HDTV and own a 360 or ps3?

what a waste of technology...

Meus Renaissance3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

Because they cost around £400+ I have had a next-gen console for almost 2 years now and I've just upgraded to HD lol.

Sony Bravia D3000

ruibing3997d ago

I think they said to buy another HDTV, since it happens for both HD and non-HD users.

Neurotoxin3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

I have no intention of buying HD, Because my older Sony 32" Works fine.... when it breaks i may consider it.

That and my cats would probably knock over a HD Flimsy piece of crap.

Komrad3997d ago

perhaps it doesn't rain money where they live?

Boink3997d ago

I can't see the point of having either of these systems without an HD TV. it's like putting a ferrari engine in a ugo. sure it goes fast, but it still looks like crap.

you guys are missing out:)

Neurotoxin3997d ago

Probably am but i still get the same enjoyment out of it :).

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LSDARBY3997d ago

lol, very fitting picture

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