Blank Discs Inside Call Of Duty 4 At Best Buy? Better Open Them In Store

Apparently a consumer that purchased Call of Duty 4 at Best Buy received a DVD that was completely blank. Thankfully, he opened it while he was still inside the Best Buy, so exchanging it wasn't a problem. (Though some random Geek Squad guy did accuse him of being a scammer.)

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predator4049d ago

now that must suck, imagine that.

cloud360-7th_account4049d ago

Only trying to make Best buy look bad

Synex4049d ago

Same here. I went there after trying 8 other stores 5 being Gamestops. I should probably pre-order next time.

The Real Joker4049d ago

I got mine from there and I got a blank disk apparently. I was not sure until this news story. I was wondering why when I put the game in, nothing would happen. I just thought it was normal and was wondering how it got so many good reviews. I mean I don't think staring at a blank screen deserves a 95 on metacritic.


ErcsYou4049d ago

last thing i bought from best buy was a westinghouse HDTV.. i bought a 3 year warranty and the TV broke in a year. i called bestbuy, they sent out a tech guy who said he would order the parts and fix my tv when they come in. after the first month with no HDTV is was getting a little mad, they said they were still waiting for the parts. After the second month with no HDTV i was pissed, i was calling customer service 3 times a week trying to get either my money back or a new tv, they said i had to wait. After 3 months with no HDTV and no parts in sight, i was ready for war. i ripped bestbuy a new a$$hole and demanded a refund. They finally admitted that they will probably never get the parts in and gave me credit for a new TV. i got a sony instead and i asked about my warranty....they said it was gone and that we were even...we weren't ...then i tripped on a dangling power cord, that triggered a huge plasma TV to smash in to the ground and a free trip to the we are even B!tches

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The story is too old to be commented.