id has 'definitely struggled' with console latency vs PC

id has told CVG that it has "struggled" with input latency on console during the development of Rage - but that the game is now running "really fast" on all systems.

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BeastlyRig2726d ago

Yea yea If they don't make Doom4 lead on pc then I don't care what they say..

Bolts2726d ago

What would be the point of making Doom 4? How many times can demons from hell break into our dimension anyways? They need to stop remaking Doom like it's the FPS version of Final Fantasy.

JsonHenry2726d ago

The point of making Doom 4? How about an open world quest driven (RPG-light) FPS re-telling the story of the attack on Earth?

That would be the point.

Fishy Fingers2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

You could say the same about just about every game/genre.

Doom is the grandaddy of them all, it's still popular (sales) and Id use it as a proving ground for their software/tech. It deserves it's spot as much as any other.

It's massive in the modding community too.

InNomeDiDio2726d ago

Doom is amazing. And we still need a real Next-Gen Doom Game. Doom 3 was great ... but released last Gen. According to your statement CoD, BF, AC and a lot of other Games would suck too.

meetajhu2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

just like how many time solid snake infiltrates the same base again and again. Whoa the video looks like its 60fps already :D

Theonetheonly2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

This 60 fps streaming video is rare on the internet. the movement is really fluid

most of the time the video you are watching is 30 or less. more fps = bigger video file not usually good for no matter what you recorded (a 60 fps ps3 feed.) it will only show 30 fps. leading to a degradation to the clarity of movement in the video stream.

similar to the idea that image quality on pc games is not much different than consoles because videos on youtube do not have a video bitrate high enough to capture all of the details of a pc render. in fact the memory required to capture a 380 megabit video stream amounts to about 2 GB for 30 seconds of footage, and in order to cature a lossless 1080p video 380 is required, blu rays have more digital distortion than what a pc puts out. as the bitrate for a blu ray is `17-34 megabits. youtubes maximum bitrate is hovering around 10 megabits.
in other words... in order to see pc footage, you have to actually see pc footage.

That is why this video looks so damm crisp and wont load (HIGH BITRATE HIGH RESOLUTION HIGH FPS)

giving me all of this time to write this nonsense.

cooperdnizzle2726d ago

meetajhu. Dude they have remade mgs1 one time. So i don't know what you're talking about. Well i guess twice but yea the first one was for nintendo and was really a different game if ya think about it in some ways.

Voxelman2726d ago

The last id Doom game was 7 years ago dude. Final fantasy has 14 mainline games and even more spin offs. CoD is the closest thing to a FPS Final Fantasy.

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pr0digyZA2726d ago

Doom 3 wasn't really considered the third time demons came out, it was actually the first as it was a reboot. So technically Doom 4 would be a different take on number 2 which was more open.

Voxelman2726d ago

Carmack did say he regretted leading RAGE on consoles so chances are good that Doom 4 will be a PC first title.

theonlylolking2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

iD is struggling this gen because they dont have the best graphics on console. Mw3, gears 3, uncharted 3, mass effect 3, skyrim, killzone 3, crysis 2, etc... pwn RAGE because iD is worse than all of those devs.

"Sometimes I say the craziest/stupidest stuff for the lulz =)"

JsonHenry2726d ago

I think he is joking. Or at least I hope so. Everyone that has played the game builds on the consoles so far say they didn't know consoles could do what RAGE is doing on them.

I WANT that to be the case. But I guess we will see it for ourselves (not!) soon enough.

Saryk2726d ago

If you’re playing games on a console for “Best Graphics”, you need to change your past time. I play my games only on a PC and quite frankly my computer is top of the line. But even on my PC I prefer games with a gripping story or awesome game play over a game with flash. I still play WoW!

dlohnug2726d ago

Definitely agree, just finished playing Mass Effect 1, epic game, absolutely loved it compared to, say Crysis, can't wait to play Mass Effect 2, but got a new hard drive to install tomorrow, so I'll play it on that.

InNomeDiDio2726d ago

ID are great Devs dude. And I don't think you're serious on what you said.

paintsville2726d ago

Carmack is a phenom in gaming development. What he says is the gospel in gaming, period. Rage will pwn all other games when it releases. If he says something that you don't like then just deal with it. He's forgotten more about game development than most others have ever known, fact.

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Inside_out2726d ago

...this isn't the beginning of excuses of why the game will look a certain way on PC Vs how it looks and plays on consoles. They claim they figured it all out...Hmmmm.

Just shown the game running on 360 and PS3 and I really hope it's not sub-hd, otherwise certain fanboys are going to go crazy...I could care less as long as it plays well and looks good.

dlohnug2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

* = troll feed --- = traps ^^^ = deadly
***************************** * <-- troll
|---|======================== ================

Voxelman2726d ago

Rage on PC will be higher res more AA, better texture filtering and higher res textures with less pop in. It's just the nature of the biz PCs have lots of RAM consoles don't so the PC version will always be sharper.

As for latency keyboards are digital binary switches and mice have to be low latency for usability so PCs are designed with that in mind with the APIs being optimised for immediate 1 to 1 control. Consoles are mostly designed on the API side to be 30fps and analogue thumb sticks don't need to be as precise and smoothing (which adds latency) actually makes the experience better on most console games.

It's not an excuse it's just the nature of the systems.

Cmpunk2726d ago

ive read your comments and you are an obvious xbox fanboy so my reply is to get you mad' xbox sucks UMADBRO!!!

MrDead2726d ago

So why not have it run on mouse and keyboard for the consoles?

StayStatic2726d ago Show
Psychotica2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

Same reason people prefer forks over chop sticks

peowpeow2726d ago

Anyone noticed that the video actually feels like 60 fps? Even the interview part. How is that done? Is it just recorded and replayed at 60 fps?

Just curious because normally watching video of a game recorded at 60 fps looks normal (i.e. 30 fps). This video brings out the smoothness

Theonetheonly2726d ago

most of the time the video you are watching is 30 or less. more fps = bigger video file not usually good for no matter what you recorded (a 60 fps ps3 feed.) it will only show 30 fps. leading to a degradation to the clarity of movement in the video stream.

peowpeow2726d ago


Thanks! It's nice to finally see rage in it's ~60 fps :)

peowpeow2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

On that note, is there a site like youtube which allows streaming/upload of videos at this fluidity?

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