Capcom’s recent paid eShop demo makes the service look slightly foolish – but who’s to blame?

Capcom have put a paid demo of its latest 3DS title, Nazo Waku Yakata, on the eShop with no option to download the rest of the game - is this bizarre state of affairs Nintendo or Capcom's fault?

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Venox20082630d ago

blame capcom, their demo, their rules..

Canary2630d ago

...I'd rather give the blame to Nintendo. Even if this example isn't their fault, their implementation of digital distribution is... irredeemably bad. I'd say they were 10 years in the past, but even 10 years ago people were doing a better job of it.

Venox20082630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

I don't care if online of theirs is bad and yes, it's not their fault about this... for example I can say Wii Demos are free..

and I've seen only two DEMOs that you have to pay to developers and both from Capcom

1. Megaman legends 3: prototype
2. This one

how about Capcom's DLCs on other platforms? And RE5 DLC which was 5 MB too? :)

disgaeapuchi2630d ago

It's Nintendo's fault. They didn't allow third parties to host content on eShop for free, hence that demo and Konami's LovePlus transfer tool from DS to 3DS cost 200 yen, yet their own software - Pokedex 3D - is free.

Venox20082629d ago

actually i think those prices were adjusted by third parties themselves...please give me a source that ninty made love plus transfer tool price and not konami.. :)

CDbiggen2630d ago

Capcom...What a surprise.

charmer2630d ago

nintendo is giving 3rd parties one is to be foolish....its trial and error but it will turn out right

AWBrawler2630d ago

how can you blame Nintendo for Capcom's demo pricing? people are really reaching.

disgaeapuchi2629d ago

As I mentioned above, Nintendo have made it so third parties can't put free content up on eShop, yet they can (as you've seen with Pokedex 3D). Therefore Capcom had no choice but to charge for their demo.

AWBrawler2629d ago

not true. others can do free demoes. They already said that there could be free demoes. How can you blame them? There have been free demos on Wiiware from 3rd parties.

Technical World2629d ago

There have been instances like this on other systems so people know. Just because it happens on the most hated system on the planet doesn't mean it's big news or that the eShop is bad. It means that Capcom is obviously dumb.