Xbox 360 on sale for under £35

Online retailers selling hardware bundle for rock bottom prices: MCV reports that Tesco has been selling an Xbox 360 hardware bundle including Forza Motorsport 2, Viva Pinata and a wireless control pad for £34.99.

Tesco would not comment when contacted earlier – but Microsoft has told MCV that it believes it is an administrative error.

Virgin and Woolworths were also rumoured to be shifting the console at the same price, but have since pulled the offer.

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yaf4048d ago

i supose thats a fair price.

Meus Renaissance4049d ago

They're fixing the error. They won't let the orders go through, I called them up earlier.

allforcalisto4049d ago

for that much i wouldda bought 2 and sold one...

how do errors like this even happen...

peepingtom4049d ago

and obviously an error .... I believe the offer was suppoosed to be for the controller and not the system.

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