Nobody Wants to Work With LA Noire’s Developers, Boss In Buyout Talks

With Rockstar reluctant to publish LA Noire developers Team Bondi's next game, rumours are circulating that studio founder Brendan McNamara is in talks with George Miller's KMM studio, with the aim of being absorbed into the Mad Max and Happy Feet creators.

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gamingdroid2633d ago

That is before your abusive work conditions. You will be his b!tch! :)

BlmThug2633d ago

When you said this i had Family Guy on my TV

BeOneWithTheGun2633d ago

"KMM studios is currently headed up by God of War 2 director Cory Barlog, who was working on a Mad Max game, to be designed in tandem with a new George Miller movie based in the Mad Max universe. At the moment, however, all of Miller's resources are being moved to Happy Feet 2 to meet an extremely strict deadline that many within Dr D believe the team can't make."

Umm, someone please tell me why someone would make a happy feet game over MAD FRICKING MAX?

scotchmouth2633d ago

Why would anyone think there is money to be made in a happy feet game.

"happy feet" lol

DeadlyFire2632d ago

Cuz you can make utter crap and the license will pay you anyway. That is why. Its just more funding for Mad Max if you ask me that isn't a bad thing.

malol2633d ago

i dont know what all this fuss is about
they seem like they are a really good developer
WTH is going on ??

can some one please till if they did something wrong ?

xtremexx2633d ago

apparently they had a fall out with rockstar, thats all i know, and now noone wants to work with them

DarkTower8052633d ago

TB complained about not getting paid overtime, and staffers not getting mentioned in the credits for LA Noire.

gcolley2632d ago

asshole boss. to sum it up in 2 words

modesign2633d ago

if the developers are great thats one thing, but if the developers are great and are douchebags then thats how you drive away business, it looks like this team was great and a bunch of douche bags.

manman62633d ago

The work condition that the employee went through. Plus some people wasn't credit for making the game.

Nitrowolf22633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

From what i heard, Rockstar didn't like the development time for LA NOIR. Also they had Credit issues and conditions.
Rockstar a powerful company so that could have done damage to them

TheIneffableBob2633d ago

They may have talent but the work conditions are not great which consequently makes unhappy employees.

Organization XII2633d ago

They are Australians, what do you expect?

hatchimatchi2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

Let's see, LA Noire was in development for roughly 7 years. Brendan McNamara would make the team work 100 hour weeks, people tasked with doing multiple jobs, mcnamara being a raging asshole. All kinds of things.

No one wants to work for him, he's an ego maniac that has a chip on his shoulder (the getaway was supposed to blow GTA out of the water and it failed). Mismanagement can turn the easiest task into a headache of epic proportions.

ngecenk2633d ago

probably because they does not have career link on their website! i'm dying to work with these guys, but cant find any info about it from their 'ultimately simple' website. and apparently they put those info under contact.

t0mmyb0y2632d ago

There was an anonymous employee who talked about the working conditions while making LA Noire. It sounded terrible.

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BubbleSniper2633d ago

sweatshop conditions @ the studio. nuff said

Eiffel2633d ago

Well, I know once I'm done with college. I don't want to work with Rockstar.

UnwanteDreamz2632d ago

Take more reading comprehension before you leave. R* didn't do anything wrong.

Eiffel2632d ago

Keep telling yourself that, this isn't the first time we've heard issues like this from Rockstar. Rockstar San Diego developers were working hours to the bone 12 hours to more, the wives of these developers filed lawsuits against Rockstar. 100 work hours is over kill, yes they did wrong. Do some research.

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