Dragon Age II: Legacy Review | ZTGD

Ryan Wombold Writes: Those of you clamoring for more adventures with Hawke and his merry band of murderers from Dragon Age 2 can finally rejoice, as EA rolls out the first major piece of DLC for DA2 in the form of Legacy. This 3-4 hour romp drops you back in the main character’s shoes to fight off an ancient evil with an interesting connection the Hawke family, in the Vimark Mountains.

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Bolts2722d ago

Buying this DLC is a vote for copy and paste content that cost $60. No thanks, let this franchise die please, it's ruined.

Maester072722d ago

Agreed - they should focus all their attention to ME3. I was so disappointed by DA2 - it felt repetitive, dumbed down, and I have NEVER seen a game that recycles the maps so much (not to mention the enemy waves). Utterly uninspired and a rushed botch-job.