Five Things That GTA V (when it's announced) Needs to do to Compete With Saints Row

Gaming Irresponsibly lists some of the game concepts that could take the GTA franchise to another level without sullying the things we love about it.

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trainsinrdr2631d ago

It just needs to be itself and continue to try new stuff screw all those people that say otherwise because rockstar knows best.

blitz0x2631d ago

I agree, but I think theres a few good ideas here that wouldn't really interfere with the way the existing game works. Heck, it may open things up to an even bigger audience.

Halfazedninja2631d ago

Yeah, but they just have to remember what GTA did to put them on the map. Like why didn't they go back and ever redo the London 1969 pack for the PS1? That was a fun pack but they have never revisited it.

limewax2630d ago

I would like a modern day London GTA. Just to get a change of scenery. Even one set somewhere like France or Italy would be welcome for the huge change in architecture

iPad2630d ago

We just need a San Andreas 2 and we're set for life, lol.

nopunctuation2630d ago

I didnt know Saints Row was real competition for GTA. Saying Saints Row is comparable to GTA is like saying fine wine is comparable to warm beer.

Halfazedninja2630d ago

Saints Row is really the only competition that GTA has in terms of an open world, reality based city. The wine/beer analogy makes it sound like you've never played SR.

I love both games but there are places where SR has a little bit of a leg up on GTA

vickers5002630d ago

GTAIV - spoiled milk

Saints Row 2 (and probably 3)- refreshing, delicious soda

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agentxk2631d ago

Customization would be nice.

Septic2631d ago


Rushing_Punch2630d ago

I agree, the sillyness and over the top attitude or SR makes it a little more enjoyable

Cal6642631d ago

I think that a San Andreas remake would be far more popular than a GTA V unless they greatly improve how the main story is written compared to GTA IV.

Anon19742630d ago

Ugh! San Andreas was my least favorite GTA game - and I'm talking about the first, top down GTA games as well. I'll never understand what the appeal of San Andreas was. By comparison, GTA Liberty City has such an amazing story, social commentary, characters and character development - it was excellent. SA just felt so one dimensional to me and I tried to get into it, it just lost me when you had to start running with your "gang" I just couldn't bring myself to care about gang territory and what not.

As for GTA versus Saints Row - yeah, the notion that GTA "needs" to compete with Saints Row is laughable. Didn't GTA4 sell triple what both Saint's Row one and two combined managed across all platforms?

beavis4play2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

yea, #3 and vice city were my favorites. SA was good too, tho.

all they need to do is stop worrying about how good it looks and put the FUN back in the game! #3 and vice city were pure fun.......lets hope GTA5 gets back to what made the series great.

unknownhero11232630d ago

one of the most important things GTA5 should do is actually let the player feel like they actually win instead of simply beating the game. in GTA 4 vanilla niko lost in both endings, in LaTD johnny lost his biker hangout and gets stuck with a house only a crack addict will love,and in BoGT it was better since it felt like you did win. GTA 5 should have an ending like BoGT.

Another aspect they need to improve on is the gameplay after the story line. it doesn't have to be an asset/empire mode but GTA 5 should have something for gamers to look forward to do after the game. sure, rampaging is nice but that can only take you so far. In saints row 2, I would activate the ped wars, wrath of god, and the milk bones cheat and I would have fun with it.

tablav2630d ago

Agreed. Think back to GTA: Vice City. Sure, it was a bumpy road, but by the end you owned most hot spots in the city (including a huge mansion) and were a complete badass.

Tommy Vercetti > Niko Bellic (in terms of their endings at least)

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