Konami's PES franchise passes 70 million, "strong repeat sales"

Balls, and lots of them. Konami's own football - oh sorry, soccer sports videogame franchise has racked up a total of 70 million sold copies around the globe.

It continues to "uphold strong repeat sales" as they prepare to release PES 2012. Profit for Konami's first quarter of 2012 was up a very handsome 220 percent.

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Inception2631d ago

Loved this series since i played it on SNES <3
and i don't know why but i like Winning Eleven as a main title than Pro Evo Soccer

Baka-akaB2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

just one small nitpicking . Pro evo started on playstation and was done by Konami tokyo .

The serie on snes was International superstar soccer , and done by another studio KOnami Osaka , and with a much more arcade feel .

The mix up is usually because at some point Konami tokyo released ISS pro , a simulation take on ISS , also because it was called Winning Eleven 97 in japan, wich would later give birth to the PES/Winning eleven series we know .

Inception2631d ago

If i'm not wrong, Konami once used "Goal Storm" in US / Europe before they used WE / PES.

Baka-akaB2631d ago

it was the first Winning eleven game indeed . Followed by Iss pro/goal storm 97/winning eleven 97