Games are too expensive (but Skyrim isn't), argues lead

Games are too expensive and the industry would benefit from lower price points, reckons Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim director Todd Howard.

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Nate-Dog2636d ago

True that but it won't really make a difference, the only time prices may begin to fall in the future is whenever the next console for a certain brand / next generation of consoles is announced and known to be coming soon. Even think about it, you reduce the price of new games, you reduce the gap between the price of new and pre-owned games, and so more people will choose to buy new.

Then again price decreases mean developers and producers will complain about not getting enough for what they're putting into a game (even though for the most part games are getting shorter anyway lately apart from certain exceptions such as Skyrim and other longer games of that ilk) and so games will get shorter and the over-priced DLC trend will probably get even worse. Whatever happens gamers seem to suffer which is the kick in the teeth.

Substance1012636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

"That's a lot of money for entertainment, so I think the good news is that in certain markets - PC, iPhone, mobile - we can see prices coming down.

I agree with this quote. Its mostly Console gaming that is expensive, prices of games generally dont come down and even when they do it usually is by a small amount. Now with online passes being introduced even the second hand market will take a hit.

PC gaming on the other hand due to services like Steam and D2D has proven to be very economic. Much cheaper in the long run then any console. AAA games have seen to be selling for as little as 5-15usd within few months of their release, this just doesnt happen on consoles.

Same can be said for smartphones, however no serious hardcore gamer would consider smartphones as a gaming device.

JsonHenry2636d ago

Simply put there is more competition in the PC and mobile markets. More competition is going to equal better products or better prices. Sometimes both.

Substance1012636d ago

Well yea on the console market its MS vs Sony, both of which would never like to compromise their margins.

Its PSN VS XBL, a third party cant think of getting on board the digital market on consoles.

On PC we already have Steam, D2D, Games for windows, GoG, gamers gate. Origins joined lately.

Hence with so much competition on PC prices are bound to go down.

Ranshak2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

I bought about 6 games on Steam this summer for 100usd most of them were 2-3months old. Doing that on console would have cost me around 300usd.

So yea console gaming is expensive largely due to lack of competition.

Breadisgood2636d ago

It's not because of competition that PC games are cheaper. It's because the game studios have more freedom with their games, and don't have to pay licensing fees to the console makers.

Substance1012636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )


Thats only the initial 10-20usd difference. The major difference occurs when a new game sells on PC for 10-15usd(check Steam or D2D discounts) after 2-3 months of release while the console version is still at 40-50usd.

evrfighter2636d ago

This means skyrim is 50 bucks on pc plus the promotionals....sweeeeeeeeeet

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Solid_Snake-2636d ago

£25-£30 a title isnt expensive in my eyes.

limewax2636d ago

that price would be more acceptable. However I think games should be priced according to their single player length now that the online pass is coming into play. With online making its money through that I don't see why SP value couldn't dictate price.

£40 for skyrim and other games of similar length.
£25 for a typical FPS, £30 for a particularly long game. Many niche genres have been pricing differently for a while anyway

Breadisgood2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Games shouldn't be priced according to length. It would just result in even more artificially padded out games than there is already. They should just be cheaper overall.

There are games that come out that are only £30 sometimes, and I nearly always order games online where they are almost always below £40 so I believe they can be cheaper without hurting the games companies.

Gray-Fox-Type02636d ago

This is game that deserves to get purchased full priced without a doubt. Developers expect us to pay full price for 5 hours medicore games that get forgetton after completing campaign and complain about used game sales, whereas this my friend will have 300+ hours of pure enjoyment.

BeastlyRig2636d ago

Gamers need to become more picky about what they buy..

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Inside_out2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

The price of games are too darn high everybody...who could afford such extravagant things...btw...our game is priced just right, make sure you buy the CE edition...o_0

The prices are too high but nobody cares, least of all the industry, who can't believe people pay $60,$70 and $80 for games, some with nothing more than single player campaigns.

They claim they are poor and suffering great hardships and then you see, in writing, that Infinity Ward headcases Jason and Vince were unhappy with Activision for only agreeing to pay them 18 million EACH and by contract, had pooled 84 million for the rest of the infinity ward team...meaning all employees were in line to get $800,000 plus salaries for 2 years work.

We've seen this type of corruption before in the music business, who remembers how that turned out and when was the last time anyone paid for 2000 is a bitch friends. One music producer actually said the industry should go back to vinyl records...yep, this wants 10 Ferrari's...burn, baby, BURN. Next up, EA...can't wait.

Awesome-Xanto2636d ago

Skyrim is priced just right, have you ever played an Elder Scrolls game... while most games give you 6 to 20 hours of single player, Elder Scrolls gives you HUNDREDS of hours. Well worth the 60 bucks... And FYI there are a lot of single player games worth a hell of a lot more than multiplayer games.

Breadisgood2636d ago

Yeah I would happily pay full price for Skyrim. Every time I play an Elder Scrolls game or Fallout 3, I see something I've never seen on it before.

It never ceases to amaze me how much there is to see and do in those games.

trainsinrdr2636d ago

I would pay 100 euro for skyrim because its F*CKING SKYRIM!

InNomeDiDio2636d ago

Considering the time you can put in this game 100€ are a nice deal. But other new Games should cost not more than 45€-50€ everywhere.

Stealth2k2636d ago

then why has oblivion had 5 editions?

Fishy Fingers2636d ago

Games are excellent value for money. If, you pick and choose the right ones (for you).

If you don't think it is, wait and pick it up in a sale, you don't have to be on board from day one. Shopping around can go a long way too, haven't paid an RRP for years.

Gaming is only as expensive as you make it, like any other hobby.

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