The End of Harry Potter Games?

With the end of the Harry Potter movies, we can finally say goodbye to the increasingly awful games. Or can we?

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Electroshocked2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

I've said this before and I'll say it again, I would absolutely love a sandbox/open world Harry Potter game just like The Order of the Phoenix with all 7 parts of the series in it. That would be truly awesome.

Edit: Actually, no not just like The Order of the Phoenix in particular, like all the sandbox/open world Harry Potter games.

Disccordia2636d ago

I would LOVE to see somebody like Bioware make an action-rpg. The story and world is rich and obviously magic is just ripe for rpg elements in a game.

badz1492636d ago

the only good thing about Harry Potter is the books! I stopped going to the cinema watching the movies too. Goblet of Fire was seriously trimmed down and Order of Phoenix killed it for me! I don't want to start talking about the games because I can simply conclude them all in one word - HORRIBLE!

iamnsuperman2636d ago

We can now say good buy to awful movie games. I would like to see a more expansive game that adds to the universe. An open world RPG would be nice but only if time and money was invested in it

NuclearDuke2636d ago

Is there any Harry Potter game that received above 4/10 in any review?

rabidpancakeburglar2636d ago

Yes, most of them except the most recent ones. The best was chamber of secrets.

NuclearDuke2636d ago

Honestly, the only reviews i've seen on this site gave it 4/10 (that's part 1 of the latest movie).

MidnytRain2636d ago

I think I saw a 6/10 somewhere...

BlmThug2636d ago

The films are finished so no reason for more games of it

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