PlayStation Vita's Launch Schedule Doesn't Make Sense

PushSquare: "We always knew it was a likely scenario, but we chose to believe otherwise. Sony never officially said the PlayStation Vita would get a worldwide launch this year, only ever really committing to a Japanese launch. "Phased global rollout" was the textbook buzzword Sony used.

"But we believed because it made sense. How could Sony not put the PlayStation Vita out in all major markets before Christmas? The Nintendo 3DS has been in stores worldwide for a long time, and while it's failed to tear up the hardware charts, recent announcements coming out of Nintendo regarding pricing and marketing suggest that the system's weeks away from catching fire. I'm fully expecting Nintendo to tear up the charts this holiday."

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iamnsuperman2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

You are kind of forgetting the main parts to a release. They probably haven't got the resources to have a major christmas release and so have had to delay in the US and Europe. Advertising, getting shipments in place and many more things not only cost money but time and for a world wide release that is hard. Japan/other Asian regions is an easier market to market for from Sony's position. There might be gamers on this website who will get it day one but that's not enough for a successful launch you have to convince the average gamer to think why should I pick up this/ or should I pick this up or get a smart phone (becoming much more popular)

jony_dols2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

Sony should intensively advertise the Vita during the Holiday/Christmas season in the US & Europe.

Putting out teaser trailers on TV showing off it's graphical prowess months before its release, would take the edge off Nintendo's Xmas sales. This strategy has definitely worked for EA & Battlefield 3, it has helped create a genuine interest in the game with the more casual gaming audience.

I was in the cinema the other day and they showed the Battlefield 3 trailer, on the big screen with 7.1 surround sound, and even the old grannies at the back were blown away!

Clever advertising of the Vita, will cause the casual gamers to hold off buying the 3DS, and wait it out till the Feb/March release.

Darth Stewie2634d ago

I seen one advertisement for the Vita already about 2 months ago on so I guess that's a start but I agree the need to market the hell out the Vita.

NewMonday2634d ago

world wide release was the plan, but the Japan earthquake slowed down production.

StanSmith2634d ago

"Casual" gamers are not attracted to consoles with amazing graphics. They are attracted by the price. Huge amounts of advertising by Sony will not get "casual" gamers to drop the 3DS in exchange for the higher priced Vita in this economy.

Have people already forgot that that the Wii still has the most sales this generation of consoles?

The 3DS is aimed at everyone whereas the Vita is for strictly PS3/360 gamers. Sony know where their bread and butter is. Your comparison with Battlefield is flawed too as there is a huge difference between a game costing £39.99 and a console that costs £229.99 excluding any games.

Vita and the 3DS will both be successes but due to the smartphone/tablet market, their success won't mirror last gen handhelds.

As for Vita's supposed "delay"...didn't Sony say it would release in only one territory this year? Frankly, if you thought it would be outside japan, then you only set yourself up for disappointment.

jony_dols2634d ago


Well considering Sony have sold 55+ Million PS3s & Microsoft have sold 60+ Million 360's in their lifetime & Nvidia/ATI sell millions of graphics cards every year, I wouldn't rule the PS3/360 crowd out as an insignificant market.

Quality sells, regardless of the price. Especially if the device is powerful, modern & well styled. Which the fortunately the Vita is.

Thankfully you have already mentioned the booming Tablet market. What is the base price of a wifi Ipad 2 with no accesories? £399.
Cheapest wifi 7 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab? £300.
The Vita has essentially all the same features, except for a lot cheaper, and with a greater emphasis on gaming.

Sony could market it as a budget tablet to the casual audience and they would still lap it up.

miyamoto2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

If there is any time to go all out with the PS3 razamanaz its December 2011 here in North America.

The imminent PS3 price drop

The killer line up of AAA PS3 games from which
Sony will earn heaps upon heaps

PS Vita's guaranteed day one sold out extravaganza in Japan courtesy of TGS napalm bombings & surprises

Kevin Butler might be cooking a major ad campaign for the PS3 & PS Vita.

And believe me Sony will not waste the golden opportunity months of stalling gamers from buying the other handheld. Things are getting interesting.

Parapraxis2634d ago

""Casual" gamers are not attracted to consoles with amazing graphics. They are attracted by the price"
That is completely contradicted by the craze for iPads/ipods/iphones. Most of which are used mainly for casual games.

StanSmith2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )


Ipads/ipods/iphones are used for far more things than gaming. People don't buy these devices for gaming specifically, like we would buy Vita & 3DS specifically for gaming.

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Cloudberry2634d ago

I recall someone mentions about that, but I forgot...

tarbis2634d ago

That's also one of the main reasons. That alone set back the whole Japan not only Sony.

Fishy Fingers2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

There must be some reasoning to the launch windows. I'm sure if it were possible they'd roll it out Worldwide pre xmas if they could.

UltimateIdiot9112634d ago

I honestly prefer the 2012 release date with so many titles I want to own/plan to get. Works better on my budgeting and gives me more time to actually enjoy the titles I plan to get instead of being overwhelmed.

MasterCornholio2634d ago

2 many good games comming out this fall. So for me at least the delay will give me a chance to save up for the Vita.

tarbis2634d ago

Agreed. There are at least 8 titles I'm getting for my PS3 in the last few months of the year. Plus, other titles that I have yet to pick up. >_<

tiffac2634d ago

Think of it as more time to make money to buy the PSV. lol!

Oh wait 8 PS3 titles... okay nvm then XD

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