New Gears of War Trailer Available For Download

Xbox Live members can now download the free trailer 'IGN @ E3 -- Gears of War.'

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TheMART4517d ago

OMG leaving office now and starting up the 360!

Cyclonus4517d ago

It's Just Rod Fergusson playing through half of the E3 demo.

And the vid quality is the worst ever.

DixieNormS4517d ago

I fired up my 360 and nothing new was on it. What gives.

TheMART4517d ago

Depends on the region you're living in

DixieNormS4517d ago

I'm in the northwest. In washington state. So this means I grab it later?

TheMART4517d ago

It should only be not available in these regions:

"This content is not available in Mexico, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. "

Have you looked under new downloads and also the expected ones? Maybe someone else can comment where to find it, I couldn't leave office yet, work to do. But it seems if people already saw it, it's there man...

f1r3waII K1LL3r4517d ago

Makes sure that you check under meadia and entertainment

kck89034517d ago

it's under media and entertainment in the new releases. it's title is IGN insider

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