Diablo III's trade system might head for StarCraft II to sell maps?

The idea has been floated at an investors conference call by Activision that the back-end technology for Diablo III's trade system could head to StarCraft II.

Real money could be exchanged for user made map content, as opposed to cash for items in Diablo III's auction house. Blizzard says this fights the black market.

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Raendom2635d ago

This article is retarded.

OcularVision2635d ago

Stupid article that speculates the 'what if'.. Also, if Blizzard were to implement the RMAH, they would do it to WoW.

Odion2635d ago

Its not a stupid article blizzard already said they would allow people to see their high end custom maps on for SC2 they said it at Blizzcon like 2 years ago

hazelamy2635d ago

so long as they don't move that ludicrous always on drm with it.