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Eurogamer writes: The next generation is coming. Microsoft is reportedly readying an E3 2012 announcement for its next Xbox. There are whispers Sony may announce the PlayStation 4 next year, too. And Crysis developer Crytek is rumoured to be creating TimeSplitters 4 using DirectX 11 as a visual benchmark. In short, the future is around the corner.

Amid the promise of Avatar-quality graphics and streaming technology, Eurogamer spoke to a number of game developers to find out exactly what they hope the next round of consoles will enable them to do, the unique challenges they will present - and what they're afraid of.

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Convas2635d ago

This cannot be said loudly enough. Next gen Consoles need at LEAST 2GBs of RAM. AT LEAST!!

DJMarty2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

@Clizzz - 2Gb lol...............want 2-3Gb for just graphics. Try 8GB or 10Gb. Thats more like it. Keeps consoles inline with what PC will be offering.

System Ram = 5-7Gb
Video ram = 2-3Gb

Total in the 8-10Gb range or have less and make it upgradeable.

Bring out a ram pak that slots imto a port, later in the consoles life to extend it further. I'm sure gamers would jump on a £100-£150 upgrade rather than a £300-400 new console.

matey2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

WiiU has 2gig of GDDR RAM which is 6 times faster than standard RAM so 2GIG of GDDR is as good as 6gig of DDR RAM.

The WiiU officially uses OpenGl graphics that are more powerful than DX11 fact its official guys and gearbox have said textures are of a much higher resolution than ps3 Epic have called it a powerful box and it opens doors in graphics ps3/360 can only dream of not to mention 1080p with high frame rates.

Devs cant even expect more than 2gig of RAM on consoles anyway its a different situation than PC a PC has massive OS and stuff RAM in consoles is dedicated and Nintendo use GDDR which is 6 times faster easy ps3 had 256mb the 360 had 512mb and devs got Crysis and battlefield on then consoles so 2gig is 8 times faster than ps3 and ps3 uses slower RAM ie why ps2 games cant be played on ps3 like u get gamecube on wii because of this so WiiU has 8/12 times RAM as ps3

Jocosta2635d ago

Edmund McMillen? Who the hell cares about Meat Boy? And why should we care what he thinks of next gen? He sounds like an 18 year old fanboy.

RevXM2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

A lot of RAM total of say 10 GB.
Awesome graphics performance, wether its one single card or sli.
SSD, please atleast 500MB R/W. doesnt need to be really big. 80-120GB will do. most people can buy external storage for music and video. for games and apps. Dont need much at launch at least.
Awesome cooling and airflow. liquid cooling?
The latest HDMI version, maybe we could get two this time?
Thunderbolt, USB 3, ethernet(cat5), WI-fi and Bluetooth.
Jack i/o for speakers/headset and optical out(for audio).

Lots to do on the OS and network side of things, could have made long list but it should deliver a streamlined experience more features and more custimazations.
Auto cloud saving would be awesome. your system broke?
Do not worry you got your save backed up on our server.

Next gen controllers should be more responsive and accurate, have "built in" but swappable batteries.
Solid and ergonomic quality.

charmer2634d ago

i believe what devs want they found it in the wiiu but time will tell what they do with it

Trekster_Gamer2634d ago

Forget slpit screen, how about 2 hdmi so you can do local multiplayer on 2 seperate tvs

10 gigs at least of ram

CPU/GPU factor of 10x more powerful

500 gig minimum hdd

make it quiet

make it economical

qwertyz2634d ago

gtx 480(which is no longer the worlds most powerful single gpu) is already 25-30 times more powerful than current console's graphics processing resources in REAL world performance so a gpu that's 10x more powerful than current consoles won't be nearly as powerful as current single gpu high end pcs.

the gtx 580 is more powerful than the gtx 480 and epics samaritan demo ran on 3 gtx 580s so thats about a 100 times greater graphics performance than ps3/360(also terribly expensive all 3 gpus cost about $1500) so therefore a 10x graphics performance leap is way too small for next generation consoles. ps3 and 360 are about 50-60 times more powerful than ps2/xbox1 by the way

RAM is dirt cheap now(especially ddr3) so 10gb ram is indeed possible but consoles will also need some fast high bandwidth gddr5 ram for the gpu because ddr3 is far too slow for gpus(tiny bandwidth and data transfer rates)

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