Relieve Far Cry with Crysis' graphics; Far Cry 2010 Chapter 1 Mod Released

DSOGaming writes: "Far Cry 2010 is a mod by Didjay that started in April 2010 and attempts to remaster Crytek's first open-world game. This mod is not a "simple one" that simply changes a few textures and various other small changes here and there but a complete redesign of every level. And it does look sexy and similar to Crysis vanilla."


Typo: Relive instead of Relieve, lol

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Chaostar2630d ago

Lol beat me to it :)

It's kind of bad when an editor let's something with such a glaring typo in the title get published, assuming this site actually HAS an editor.

Solid_Snake-2630d ago


this does look nice though.

InNomeDiDio2630d ago

Cool, looks nice. Mods for older PC-Games are so good. Look up on YT for Doom 3 Mods.

BeastlyRig2630d ago

HD remakes are a rip off then?

free graphics remake ftw!

peowpeow2630d ago

Well remembered game for me, I'd try it