PlayStation 3 Firmware 2.0 official feature list

Here they are folks, straight from the official US PlayStation homepage, the official feature list of Firmware 2.0.

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xhi43995d ago

insatiable depression and disappointment of not having the ability to have ingame xmb, now this update is looking really mad!

The new flashplayer will allow me to watch ANY movie ANY tv show online, they only have to add divx next and itll be all sweet.

Themes are mad! the customisation is absolutely hectic! next they should add the ability to add flash backgrounds like the default one.

Video eye toy for me :(

Remote for those who have a psp and a ps3, its like having a second portable ps3, that's crazy!

Vibration = nicee. Just release dual3 already! lol

Playlists for perty much everything! Wow omgggggggggggggggggggggggggggg ggggggggggg adding ALL my music RIGHT NOW! And sorting it into my favourite playlists! YEEEEEEE

Watch videos while you download em = nicee.

That network thing is like........eerrrr not really interested.

But yeah in-game xmb access IS coming.........just a matter of when :(

Apocwhen3995d ago

New flash player? What new flash player? There's no mention of it on the source link for this article.

squallsoft3995d ago

yup, im pretty excited about this update also!

ATLRoAcH3995d ago

You can now watch videos as they're being downloaded.

Phantom_Lee3995d ago

I cant seem to find that controller setting for turning the vibration on

ATLRoAcH3995d ago

This is what it says:

o [Vibration Function] has been added as an option under [Controller Settings] in the menu that is displayed when you press the PS button on a DUALSHOCK®3 wireless controller. *
*Available for purchase in early 2008.

Hope that helps.

squallsoft3994d ago

god i cant wait for that dualshock 3

rsebes3994d ago

Hey guys, I just completed my first full ps3 theme. Anyone know where I can upload to a file server? Its pretty awesome all 3d Icons and 9 randomly changing background images. I'm a pro at the themes now if anyone has any issues or needs help let me know. Who wants it????

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