Iwata Hints At Online Notification System For Smartphones, Social Networks

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata suggested that the company is looking into notifying players of matchmaking or leaderboard opportunities on Nintendo systems through smartphones and social networks.

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tdogg060519912633d ago

when they can just get that on a 3DS?

Shok2633d ago

Who's to say they won't?

Also, Im pretty sure there's more smartphone users than there will be 3DS users....

fatstarr2633d ago

I cant wait.!!!! Long live nintendo... please dont screw up and do it right the first time

matey2633d ago

i think its very clever and they should do it as well as that demo channel aswell they need to do these things if they want to keep up the 3ds has a wealth of multimedia the eshop is the best online shop on any platform its getting better andbetter every day if i had a game like mariokart7 or heroes of ruin and i could get notifications about rivals ect i would love that

charmer2632d ago

not a bad idea at the time wiiu comes out nintendo will get it all right.