Report: HD DVD Standalone Player Sales Nearing 500,000 Milestone

The HD DVD camp is glowing over reports that the temporary price cut of the entry-level Toshiba HD DVD player is pushing U.S. household penetration toward the 500,000-unit mark. Format backers say the total number of standalone HD DVD players sold is poised to hit the 500,000 mark by late November.

This news comes on the heels of reports earlier this week that roughly 90,000 HD DVD standalones were sold last weekend alone, following highly-publicized price drops for Toshiba's HD-A2 HD DVD player.

While passing the 500,000 unit mark would certainly seem to cement the HD DVD camp's overall lead in standalone player sales, it still pales in comparison to the installed base of Sony's PlayStation 3 game console, which comes with a built-in Blu-ray player. (According to the website, over 2.2 million PS3s have been sold in the US to date).

Of course, as HD DVD backers will be quick to point out, the majority of PS3 owners are said to not use the console as a Blu-ray player.

What effect all of this may (or may not) have on next-gen disc sales remains to seen.

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xhi44001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )


I really hope I don't have to start buying 30 or 50gb discs instead of 50 or 100 gigabyte discs. Like no joke i'm actually like....a little scared. It's frightening.


Good point squallsoft 6 million plus blu-ray players is a little hard to keep up with.

unlimited4001d ago

hddvd + no good exclusive movies = no buy for me.. even if its 50 dollars..100 dollars for hddvd just sound to desperate

eagle214001d ago

go to, many of those hd-dvd players are in blu ray homes. Most people list their collection like this: 8 hd-dvds then I saw the blu light: 78 blu rays. Early techies snatch everything. But blu has the better selection. Pay attention to these movie commercials. They (85%) ain't coming to hd-dvd.

cuco334001d ago

if the topic at hand is in regards to movies? It's already been proven than for movies the added disc storage of 50gb & 100gb isn't needed.

As far as 'no good exclusives' comment, that's dependent to each person as each person has their own likes/dislikes. I'm one to watch Transformers or Fifth Element over and over but not one to watch Ratatouille or Happy Feet more than once.

HD DVD is easily keeping a steady trend in software sales (even compared to BD). When looking at playback capable players, including the add on and the PS3, the hardware HEAVILY favors BD but the software split shows more movies are bought per player on the HD DVD camp and the PS3, in general, is used for gaming.

Baron794001d ago

No good exclusives? What are you crazy!? Universal and Paramount are exclusive to HD-DVD , you must not know this because your comment makes no sense. Not to mention
WB tottaly favors HD-DVD, Batman and the Matrix should be enough proof ,but if you need more theres 18 other WB HD-DVD exclusives.HD-DVD is starting it's take over. Spidy 1+2 are awsome , 3 sucks.FOX has sucked so far on BD and I could really do without the Rat , Cars and the Robinsons.

ruibing4001d ago

You can't possibly actually argue that HD-DVD has a better exclusive selection than the BD group. Your Matrix trilogy and Batman are really, really old. WB is still neutral as far as I've heard, so that leaves Sony Pictures, Fox, and Disney. You get Pirates of the Carribean trilogy, Spiderman trilogy, Cars, Ratatouille, and Casino Royale for BD only to just name a few. No matter how you look at it, the lineup for BD looks better than the one for HD-DVD.

Baron794001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

That's like, your opinion man. I can argue, it doesn't mean I'm right , it doesn't mean your right. But for me, really I don't care about Disney(including POC), I hope they go to HD-DVD cause it's my preferred format and obviously would help HD-DVD. Shrek 3 , I could care a less. Lebowski,Hot Fuzz, Fear and Loathing, Shaun of the Dead ,Batman Begins,Transformers, these are some of my favorites, and could not do without them in HD.
As far as the linup coming up in Nov ,BD wins for most people , but I was commenting on what unlimited said "no good exclusives",I mean , come on , that is just stupid. If you go by released to this point , in my opinion HD-DVD has a far superior library.

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squallsoft4001d ago

i think its a joke that they claim that ppl don't use their ps3s as movie players. of course ppl do. my ps2 was my also my DVD player. i have 100s of movies on DVD and only ever owned a ps2. its just wishfull thinking on the part of the hd DVD camp to think that ppl don't use their ps3s as movie players. why do you think more bd discs are being sold monthly than hd DVDs? its only logical to assume that they are being viewed on ps3s. i mean why not?

beavis4play4001d ago

i use ps3 for both. why do hd-dvd and 360 fans feel ps3 owners have to choose to use the system for one or the other.-we don't. i use it for games,dvds, and blu-ray movies. it offers great variety and value. i'm not knocking anything, this is just facts. i'm real happy to have both choices in one sleek looking box.

beavis4play4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

i use ps3 for both. why do hd-dvd and 360 fans feel ps3 owners have to choose to use the system for one or the other.-we don't. i use it for games,dvds, and blu-ray movies. it offers great variety and value. i'm not knocking anything, this is just facts. i'm real happy to have both choices in one sleek looking box.

sorry-double post

blackmagic4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

I don't think the HD-DVD group has EVER said that no one uses the ps3 as a blu-ray player. What they have said is only a fraction of owners use it and that cinemaphiles prefer to own and use a standalone player.

There is no doubt in anybody's mind that the ps3 is a valuable asset to the bda but even current title sales show that a stand-alone owner will (generally) buy MANY more titles than a console owner as is so clearly illustrated by the 1.85:1 sales of bluray:HD DVD titles despite there being about 5 times more blu-ray players in the wild (including the ps3 obviously).

relevent link to support 1.85:1

Filanime034001d ago

I am sick and tired of HDDVD backers disregarding ps3 owners as part of the blu-ray industry. I am loving my ps3 right now and I tend to watch all my movies in blu-ray in my ps3. I am sick and tired of their denial. LAst year when Blu-ray and HDDVD came out. HDDVD is whooping's blu-ray's @ss but when the ps3 came things even up on as far as software sales goes. Can't they see that a large part of the ps3 owners watch and buy blu-ray movies.

ArmrdChaos4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

It has been quoted that the world wide hardware advantage(including PS3) is 9-1 where as the software advantage for Blu-ray is only 2-1. That fact alone tells you that the PS3 owners on average are not buying movies like the standalone HD-DVD people. Otherwise Blu-ray whould have been leading in media sales by 8-1 or greater.

Here is the senario that the movie companies will be playing through their head:

PS3 owner only has $60 to spend at said given time. Hey, Uncharted just hit the store shelves. Is that person going to spend that money on Uncharted OR are they going to buy 2 new Blu-ray movies? In addition to that...if the person did buy Uncharted then how much time will they invest into playing it as opposed to watching movies. That is why there is so much talk about how the PS3 does not weigh in as heavily as dedicated movie players. Sure, there are some people that bought the PS3 for only playing movies but they are in the minority.

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THE_JUDGE4001d ago

Blu-rays in PS3's have sold 5 million at the least. Step your game up!

blackmagic4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

Those are US sales of HD DVD players not worldwide.

Edit: the point I was making is that you are comparing worldwide sales of the ps3 to US only sales of HD DVD players. However, if you want to say the install base is 10:1 then that's fine... BUT you better worry about even the slightest increase in HD DVD install base since your 10:1 install base is only producing a 1.85:1 sales advantage on titles.

You sure you don't want to compare US sales to US sales?

THE_JUDGE4001d ago

Blu-ray is a global format, the money is green no matter where in the world it comes from. Global sales matter not just the US!

NextGen24Gamer4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

Its Great News for Consumers none the less.

One thing I don't think Sony Supporters understand is this....

A. 1080p Tv's won't be a standard for at least another 7 years from now. When will 1080p tv's cost 200 to 400 dollars? This is why standard dvd's outsell HD/blu ray movie discs by outrageous numbers...think about it.

B. For 100 to 200 dollars you can buy an HD Player with resolutions of 720p and 1080i. It just so happens that 720p Tv's can be found for 400 dollars now. Within a few years 720p tvs will be found for 200 to 400.

C. So 720p is adequate for most consumers watching on a 47 inch display or lower.

D. Those who want the full 1080p...Can buy the 360 add on or the standalone HD players for 200 to 300 dollars. But believe it or not....Most consumers don't need nor have the money to have the whole 1080p set up.....

Sure Blu ray has the standard of 1080p in every player....But the problem is MOST consumers don't have 1080p tvs and may never get a 1080p tv. 1080i is still 6 times the resolution of standard....and anyone who has hi def cable will tell you that 1080i is stunning on the discovery channel HD.

Also people aren't taking into consideration that 1080p tv's take the 1080i signal and make it 1080p. Even when you are watching Cable in HD.

HD DVD is better for 99% of consumers. The In Movie Experience, U Control and internet functionality is a Great Value along with the lower prices for players and the Combo discs that have the HD version and the standard versions on the same disc...

I believe the format war would be over if the DVD forum decided to sell the combo discs for the same price as the standard dvd discs and actually replace the standard dvd's with the combo's. That would get all the dvd owners....including the blu ray owners who are forced to buy the standard versions of movies that don't release on blu ray, to be HD dvd ready. So this way when you eventually pick up an hd dvd player for 100 or 200 dollars....Your current movie collection will be viewable on your HD dvd player in FUll HD.

I realize they would have to lower the combo disc price by 10 dollars....but it would be Master Stroke if they did. That would move the standard dvd owners to purchase HD players eventually.

To be honest....I just don't see how HD dvd can lose the format war.....Price is the biggest factor.....

1080p player can be found for 200 to 300

And the 1080i/720p player sub 200.


joevfx4001d ago

1080p tvs not a standard for 10 years from now? are you insane? they are the standard NOW. you can get a 50inch 1080p for $1200 now. 2 eyars ago they were liek $3000 and where only 1080i. im osrry they are the standard right now.

THE_JUDGE4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

as cost of manufacturing next gen players and tvs fall, 720 and 1080i will be things of the past. Any informed shopper will buy something for a bit more if they know it will last them alot longer than a few years. All Blu-ray players support all levels of HD. Toshiba's don't. Use your brain, the players being sold by the BD supports will last a long time, Toshibas won't. You'd might as well buy a up-converting DVD player instead.

Below: The FCC for one you stupid tw*t. That's why you can only get a true 1080p signal from via HDMI. Also the main manufactures of tvs got together and wrote the ATSC Standards. A document that set 1080p as the standard and highest definetion for broadcasting in the US. Look here for more info You should do some research before you open your mouth.

fredy4001d ago

"1080p is the industry standard"
Where did you pull that sh!t out of?

I know for fact when I hear people talk about HD sets at the PRice they talk, I know it's no 1080P set.

People are comfortable with around $1000 and below for a family HDTV and a 1080P is not that cheap. Tell me how many stations are broadcasting in 1080P?

As one would say:

"I wouldn't waste money on any set that's 1080P at this time. No one is broadcasting at this signal and you won't be able to tell a difference on any screen less than 50" and unless you sit 8 feet or less from the screen. By the time 1080P becomes standard, lcd TVs will become much lower and new technology will prove this.

It would be almost foolish to even make a purchase for the 1080P set unless money is never an object and you just have to have the newest thing out, which is not always the best. Most 720P sets accept 1080i or 1080P input signals and should digitally adjust your signal for optimum viewing."

Slowly HD-DVD will be recognize, if it continues to sell like this. Studios once stand back and not want to maximize their profits. Bd has the edge only with the studios but thats something that can always change, well we have seen it before.

BrianC62344001d ago

"A. 1080p Tv's won't be a standard for at least another 7 years from now."

That is a stupid point. Who cares when 1080p is standard? You can buy a nice 1080p HD TV for pretty cheap now. They aren't that much anymore. I don't have an HD TV yet but when I buy my first it will be 1080p. It's dumb to not buy one now if you're going to HD TV.

I remember when the PS3 first came out Microsofties attacking the PS3 because it includes an HDMI connection. Now Microsoft even added that to the 360. Technology is changing fast and prices are plummeting.

blackmagic4001d ago

HD DVD and blu-ray both have 1080p24 on disc. Film is 24 frames per second. 1080i60 and 1080p60 will both produce a visually identical picture on a set capable of displaying a 1080 picture.

I repeat: Film is 24 frames per second. A 24 frame per second progressive source transmitted as a 60 frame per second interlaced transmission will display pixel for pixel identically to the same source transmitted as a 60 frame per second progressive transmission.

This discussion would be different if film was shot at 60 frames per second but it is NOT. Film is shot at 24 frames per second.

Maybe I should repeat it one more time. A 1080i60 tranmission of a 1080p24 source and a 1080p60 transmission of a 1080p24 source produce pixel for pixel identical displays.




THE_JUDGE4001d ago

if they are so close, then why not save the money and get an upscaling dvd player. That way you get all the movies and don't have to choose. My PS3 is going my upconvertor and Blu-ray player so I get the best Dvd's and format until BD win's this war. Cheers!

blackmagic4001d ago

Because DVD is a 720x480 interlaced source at 29.97 frames per second.

You're new to home theatre aren't you?

Look, check comment 22.5 before you make another comment that makes you look silly.

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skagrerrrr4001d ago

healthy competition is good for all