Call of Duty 4 in 'Extremely High Demand', Guitar Hero III Seeing Some Sellouts

"Call of Duty 4, which was released two days ago by Activision, appears to be in extremely high demand and is sold out across the board. We've checked with a wide range of retailers (Gamestop, Wal-Mart, Target), and only pre-orders are being satisfied-stores are otherwise sold out of the title," said Nollenberger Capital Partners analyst Todd Greenwald.

"Guitar Hero III, to a lesser extent, is also out of stock at many retailers... The Xbox 360 and the Wii versions are the hardest to come by," he said.

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ruibing3998d ago

Guitar Hero III would do even better when they improve the quality of the PS3/360 guitars.

karlostomy3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

all platforms will do well.

I will be most interested though by how much the 360 version will outsell the ps3 again.

hmmm ... tough call. or is it? come on fans what say you?

gerrard3998d ago

you've made a good point with the first part of your comment but stop flame baiting and enjoy the games on whatever platform they come out on.

Synex3998d ago

I went to 8 different stores looking for this game and finally Best Buy had 2 copies left when I got there.

FirstknighT3998d ago

Yeah I still haven't found a 360 COD4. The ps3 is available at most stores around here. I guess I'll check next week.

Kaneda3998d ago

I went to best buy looking for PS3 version. The guy told me it was on the shelf.. I said "no, it is not there". He said "It's already gone?", then he checked the computer they got only 4 copies in the back..

Xbots should stop thinking PS3 owners don't buy games...

genericname3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

I saw tons of 360 cases but the PS3 ones were sold out at Best Buy and CC. Apparently alot of people found out the PS3 version was better.

deeznuts3998d ago

I think both platforms are selling well. of course 360 more, look how man users there are. but the ps3 is picking up a tiny bit of steam.

on the way from gamefly for free (well my monthly fee). should be here today or tomrrow. will play the SP campaign, maybe dab a little in MP, then return and wait for kane and lynch and assassins creed next week, beat those, return, then wait for Uncharted: Drakes. Or keep those three since I have 3 at a time. Some good games next few weeks.

CrashSharc3998d ago

COD4is AWESOME. Luckily I got it as they were unpacking them from the delivery box. My PS3 has never been happier :)

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The story is too old to be commented.