Felicia Day: Mogul In The Making

Cyd Sherman is having a bad day. “Friday night, and still jobless,” she confesses in a video diary. “I haven’t left the house in a week, my therapist broke up with me …and, oh yeah, there’s a gnome warlock in my living room, sleeping on the couch.”

Fortunately things are going much better for Felicia Day, the 32-year-old actress who portrays Cyd in episodes of The Guild, a comic Internet TV series. Day holds down multiple jobs—actress, screenwriter, producer, author—and has plenty of reasons to leave the house: If you saw her on the street, you might recognize her from roles on TV shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, House M.D. and Monk.

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Pozzle2658d ago

Holy crap, Felicia Day is 32 years old? I thought she was in her early 20s. :O

She looks good for her age!