World of Warcraft Posts 300,000 Subscriber Loss

During Activision Blizzard's recent earnings call, it was revealed that World of Warcraft has seen another staggering subscriber loss, now 300,000 more subscribers down this quarter from the 600,000 loss revealed last quarter. In addition, information on the game's upcoming Patch 4.3 were revealed.

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SilentNegotiator2632d ago

WoW has hit its peak. There's no where to go but down.

I mean, it will continue to be successful, but not forever. No MMO is.

Guitar Hero was milked literally to death, WoW is losing ground all the time, Half of the video game world is making an effort to see Battlefield 3 outdo COD:MW3....Activision is not in their prime.

TravUK2632d ago

Is there any need for two indentical stories on the front page?

evrfighter2632d ago

Deserves two stories this is great news. Means the wow formula has gone stale and its time to innovate

It also means kotick is shitting bricks. He got a lot of splainin to do worth the stock holders. Thats 900k lost in less than a year

TravUK2632d ago

I doubt they're very bothered to be quite honest, 11.1 million is still millions more than their closest rival and it's only natural that numbers go down after the end content of WoW has been absorbed by its players.

Come the next expansion the numbers will go up again no doubt, as much as I agree that it's time to innovate. When Vivendi is that worried about numbers going down too much they'll just release some news on Project Titan.

Sub4Dis2630d ago

but nobody is innovating. the new star wars mmo is going to be very VERY similar.

JsonHenry2632d ago

The trend has been set. They will be forced to release a new product to appease shareholders sooner rather than later now. You watch, this happens two more times in a row, even if it is only minor numbers lossed compared to these, and all of a sudden Diablo 3 will be "ahead of schedule" and release earlier rather than later. Also look for project Titan to be given more press as well.

TravUK2632d ago

We already known Diablo 3 is due Q1 2012 plus Vivendi have just registered the Mysts of Pandaria domain which hints at a new expansion pack which will no doubt boost subscription numbers. And like I said above, if they get too worried they'll just announce something to do with Project Titan.

Right now however 300,000 subs is small numbers as far as Vivendi are concerned especially as they have 11.1 million active subs at present. So I feel all the "WoW is dying" comments are a tad premature (as much as I'd like to see its share of the MMO market decrease).

And Vivendi shareholders are laughing all the way to the bank at present what with Starcraft 2 doing so well with a new expansion out in 2012, Diablo 3 round the corner in Q1 2012 and what sounds like a further WoW expansion in 2012 with Pandaria. That's not even taking into account the Activision side of things in Vivendi's portfolio.

Like I said, 300,000 is small change to them.

JsonHenry2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

300k may not be a big hit but it is a TREND. And they watch TRENDS to predict the future. It IS A BIG DEAL to them even though it is not financially ruinous. If the numbers keep sliding they will change tactics and move up releases.

Never underestimate the displeasure shareholders get when they see profits start to slide no matter how minute. And never underestimate the pressure the board of directors will put on the studios when they start catching flak from the shareholders.

Sub4Dis2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

if it's a "trend" then the next loss would be roughly 150 thou, then 75 thou. so they aren't going to lose many more.

i doubt it's a trend.

FlashXIII2632d ago

Hardly surprising the numbers are taking small hits. You can only keep shoveling the same sort of content and playstyle for so long before people get bored.

mrmancs2632d ago

never played dis and never will, paying to play? gtf

opinska2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

u forgot the O on the "gtf" one... it should be: GTFO! :)

mrmancs2631d ago

gtfo is get the fuck out , gtf is get to fuck , kind of the same , if theres any more typos ya need to know ask, i made dat crap up :)

Sub4Dis2630d ago

what an absolutely worthless comment. nice contribution.

CanadianTurtle2632d ago

I don't play mmos. I'd rather play non-mmo games because that lets me experience more variety. I can never think of just sticking to a game, and playing that forever. Damn, I just don't get the mmo guys lol....

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