Shacknews' Guide to Underhyped Holiday Titles

Shacknews writes: "With titles like BioWare's Mass Effect (X360), Nintendo's Mario Galaxy (Wii), Crytek's Crysis (PC), and others retailing later this month, lesser-known games have a good chance of being buried beneath the onslaught of big budget releases. Shacknews has decided to step in and rescue these games from relative obscurity with a guide to this season's great under-the-radar titles."

"We're not making concessions, either--all these games are worthy of your time based on their own merits. These titles span all platforms and were chosen by members of the Shack staff, with at least one staff member having hands-on time with each title. The bulk of these games have already retailed, so you can enjoy them as soon as you want."

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