Holding the Smoking Gun, SFG’s Fast Draw Showdown Move Review

SFG writes: A lot of my free time during my teen years, where spent at Wunderland Arcades. It was a good deal for those, whose sole income was their weekly allowance. It cost a couple of bucks to get in, and the games all cost a nickle or two. I could have a nice long evening for about $5.00, and that even included the snacks I bought. My friends and I would play all sorts of games for hours, but I have an issue. The tips of fingers are double jointed, and will lock up after long bouts of arcade cabinet button mashing. I can ignore it for a bit, but it becomes unbearable and debilitating. I always had to wait for my friends to finish gaming, so I would always trickle over to the shooting games. They were a simple premise, point and shoot, and they were easy on my hands. I enjoyed them a lot, ever since that damn dog snickered at me on my NES. When I saw Fast Draw Showdown was coming to the PSN, for the Move, I was ready to throw down my money. Mainly for nostalgic reasons, but I also love...

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