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Bethesda and Splash Damage are having a customer appreciation sale and you’re invited. For two weeks, as a thank you for the tech issues you may have experienced a launch, Agents of Change will be free. That’s super cool of them, I can’t deny that. But if you come to Brink later in its life will this DLC be worth the 800 MS Point price tag?

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chadachada1232724d ago

The expansion pack is pretty cool (and being free is awesome, of course), but it doesn't make up for the lag that I'm STILL experiencing quite heavily.

jetlian2724d ago

must be your connection mine played fine.

chadachada1232724d ago

The problem is, no other online game of mine has lag anywhere near Brink's. Perhaps it's related to where Brink's servers are in relation to, say, EA's?

jetlian2723d ago

could be it. EA is pretty janky. Well when new games come out

Cmpunk2724d ago

no thanks, i was thinking about brink' till i saw the mediocre reviews :/