GamersGameplay: Catherine or Katherine? A Catherine Review

GamersGameplay: Catherine is one hell of a game in today’s market. Atlus brings together a mix of horror, puzzle, and platforming for their first internally-developed release for current generation consoles. Described as “adult-oriented”, the focus of the game is about Vincent Brooks and his dilemma with his girlfriend Katherine (with a K) and a strange girl named Catherine (with a C). Players control Vincent, who after meeting Catherine, begins having strange nightmares, which can cause his death.

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Red_Phoenix2658d ago

"The story is top notch and voice acting is beyond well but is almost shadowed by the hatred towards the puzzles and time spent retrying them."

So the whole reason this reviewer decided to give the game a 6/10 is because the puzzles were too hard? I couldn't find anything else negative besides that one point. Like really? Just because a game is challenging doesn't mean it should get a bad score. Hell, its even why they added "Very Easy".

Just an F.Y.I. for you people who are looking to play in "Very Easy" mode, all you have to do is hold down select while on the "Select Difficulty" screen and select "Easy" mode after you hear a little bell sound. It's right in the game manual (something the reviewer ignored to read).

SteveThe1ne2658d ago

Why is a 6/10 considered a bad score? Is this game for everyone? The challenge aspect of the game is a large factor considering the majority of the game is spent on the puzzles. I wouldn't expect a reviewer to talk continously about aspects of the game that you only play about 30% of the time.

"Atlus did however add a patch that allows the “Very Easy” difficulty to be played but isn’t a selectable option, leaving the player to look elsewhere on how to activate it." - I don't believe the reviewer ignored to read the instruction manual, just mentioned that you have to search on how to activate the option.