What makes a good exclusive?

MMGN writes: Following on from Microsoft's comments regarding the importance of Halo to the Xbox brand, MMGN takes a look at the importance of the videogame exclusive.

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LeonhartX2685d ago

Exclusives are what draws the majority of gamers to a particular console, it is a good thing and keeps sony/microsoft/nintendo on there toes to ensure they are keeping there customers happy.
We all know the 360 probably had the upper hand on ps3 from launch till 09, but the ps3 caught up to 360 in 2010 and it looks like it's gonna be a very promising year for the big three in 2011/2012.

This should put pressure back on 360 to really dig deep and try to ensure they keep there loyal customers happy and not stray to the sony side of things!!

Console wars between brands is a great thing for consumers ain't it ? :D