Destructoid - Hands-on with the first three hours of RAGE

Destructoid - Rage has a lot of pedigree behind it, which many people turn to when hyping it up. Conversely, a commensurately large group seems to be sleeping on the game, dismissively drawing comparisons to Fallout 3 and Borderlands.

After getting my hands on the first three hours of Rage’s campaign, I can safely say the detractors are off base and the lobbyists have much more to point to in support than “It’s from the guys that made Quake and Doom.”

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SilentNegotiator2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

All signs are pointing to pretty dull AI.

Make the targets as pretty as you want, if they don't make it challenging and do a proper job, you don't have much of a shooter.

Bigpappy2636d ago

These developers are all under pressure to make their game more "accessible". It would be interesting to know what difficulty setting the game was on and if the AI is any different at the higher settings.

SilentNegotiator2636d ago

I doubt it. Pretty much 99% of shooters' difficulties are increased by upping the damage levels/lowering the health.

All of the Rage vids I've seen have pretty unaware or under-reactive AI, and sometimes, as said in this article, the AI reacts before it makes any sense for them to have noticed you.

NoOoB1012636d ago

I agree with both of u. I agree that the AI looks stupid and i pointed this out when RAGE game play videos starting popping up and everyone disagreed. but the truth is that they pretty much run straight forward. But bigpappy has a point that maybe the difficulty was down but i personally think that even if its up the they are just going to take more bullets to put them down rather than the AI being smarter.

Larry L2636d ago

I think you guys are getting ahead of yourselves here. I think saying they aren't reactionary is just false. I kinda like their reaction to both the player and physics (like the environment and bullets hitting them), it seems quick and almost similar to how a zombie would/should react.

Do the enemies shown so far seem fairly dumb in that they usually just rush you down head on to be mowed down like so much cannon fodder? Yes, kinda. BUT the name of the game is "RAGE", and the way they just rush you in that way seems to me kinda like how I would think a RAGE filled wasteland mutant would. I don't think this is a game, at least in the wasteland, in which a CoD/BF or even a Killzone A.I. style would be right. It really wouldn't make sense to me. I prefer the unrealistic A.I. in a game like this.

But all we've seen are the mutants. I have a feeling that The Authority and other city enemies are going to have a very different A.I. Doing things like looking for cover and playing more tactically. And that's an environment in which that kind of more realistic A.I. would make perfect sense.

Personally, I don't understand this attitude people all of a sudden have towards iD suddenly in the last month or 2. Gamers suddenly have no faith in John Carmack and the rest of the iD team. These people are profesionals, they know how to make a fantastic game, and they aren't goin to let their fans, and gamers in general, down with RAGE. I'm no bashing-bandwagon jumper like so many gamers on the interwebz. I have all the faith in the world in iD, and I'm not even worried a bit about being disappointed with RAGE. Nothing I've seen of RAGE so far has disappointed me. In fact everything I've seen/heard has excited me more and more.

Day 1 on PS3, and I can't friggin wait!!!

NoOoB1012636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

@ larry L
I never said the game was going to be disappointing..but there r videos that have other enemies in it besides the mutants..and while they do take cover they still leave them selves open quite a bit. Lets just say the AI is not the best..but everything else iv seen is amazing in the game.

Just to show you though Larry

Notice how the y are very basic..they all run to the little bot and kick it, ignoring ur even there even if u are shooting at them.

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spunnups2635d ago

Bad AI can completely ruin a game single handedly.

coolfool2635d ago

Card game?! It has more RPG and Final Fantasy elements than Final Fantasy!