Blizzard Pushing for Diablo 3 Release This Year

Blizzard is hopeful Diablo 3 is released this year.

Company President and Co-founder Mike Morhaime said on today's earnings call the team is pushing hard for a release in 2011, however he made it clear they have not committed to a release date.

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Drekken2685d ago

They NEVER commit to a release date. They better get this beast out by at least January.... it would be nice to play it over my Christmas vacation time though.

beavis4play2685d ago

seems like this has been in development for 10 years! i might pick it up used......right now i've got too many games to play and not enough time.

kreate2685d ago

who cares anymore?
starcraft 2 was such a disappointment.
i kinda lost hopes for diablo3 too.
hopefully its not a world of warcraft meets diablo2 type of game.

blizzard lost its touch after Bobby got his dirty hands on them.

Torkith2685d ago

Couldn't disagree more. Starcraft 2 was phenomenal, Diablo 3 is shaping up to be just as stellar as it's previous releases.

evrfighter2685d ago

Ill agree that sc2 was good. But something tells me diablo3 wont do so well

kreate2685d ago

SP is good.
but MP is lacking.

and whats up with breaking the game into 3 seperate pieces?
definately Bobby's call.

NuclearDuke2685d ago

World of Warcraft: Each expansion selling more than it's previous.

StarCraft II: Instantly becoming the biggest eSport, even going above Counter-Strike. More players average than every player on Steam

Diablo III: Simply gonna rock your socks!

Farsendor12685d ago

lost all hope with blizzard and their upcoming games i think a combination of world of warcraft and activision ruined blizzard.

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