GameRevolution: King's Bounty: Legions Preview

"The general notion is that despite all the commotion and money over Farmville, we tend to view Facebook games as, at best, bite-sized titles on the conceptually basic side of gaming that are only popular because they're catchy - gaming's pop genre, to put it nicely. But if we see more games like King's Bounty: Legions, we may just have to get our collective feet out of our mouths."

~ Nick Tan,

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doctorstrange2727d ago

Like quite a meaty game for Facebook. Tis impressive.

dbjj120882727d ago

Facebook gaming is slowly becoming more and more legitimate. Really interested in this and Civilization.

BigWoopMagazine2727d ago

hmmmm.... interesting. Actually sounds like a legitimate game. Oh well, still hate facebook, so I'll never get to play it.

Oaklnd2727d ago

Looks pretty good for a social networking site.

stormeagle62727d ago

Get our feet out of ours mouths... but what if we're, you know, into that kind of thing?