Origin Pre-Orders and Medal of Honor Buyers, Will Get 48 Hr Early Access to Battlefield Beta

The German EA Origin Store, is displaying an advertisement, offering a 48 hour head start on the Battlefield 3 BETA.

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callmedom942632d ago

I bet MOH buyers, were expecting a way bigger jump on the BETA.

SpaceSquirrel2632d ago

A 48 hour head start is not really that much

callmedom942632d ago

True. A head start, is a head start though. Better than not getting a BETA at all, right?

Blacktric2632d ago

To be honest I was expecting them to just give us access to beta and not much. But considering how awful the multiplayer portion of Medal Of Honor was, they should gives a 2 month head start.

Trunkz Jr2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

I got MoH:LE and Pre-ordered off of Origin, i want 96 hours head start lol

Seriously tho, only 2 days isn't much for MOH buyers, Pre-orders from Origin sounds fair for 48 hours tho. Ah well, in the end we'll all make the final release 1000x smoother then MW3.

trainsinrdr2632d ago

I bought moh and somehow still have it but im gonna trade it in for mafia 2 next week, I have no interest in beta's.

cyclonus0072632d ago

You should get into the beta regardless of whether you still have the game. A friend of mine traded his in for Black Ops after a month and he still got a beta confirmation a week ago.

-Mezzo-2632d ago

I was expect at least a 5-6 days head start for the MOH owners (Like ME), but still 2 days is better than nothing. lol

solar2632d ago

LOL!!!! what a screw job

Cpt_kitten2632d ago

eh 2 days is still 2 more than everyone else no complaints here, when is MOH2 coming out dying to know what happens

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The story is too old to be commented.