Battlefield 3 Beta, Portal 2 DLC & 3DS Price Cut In 60 Seconds writes: This week we talk about Origin fighting with Steam and the announcement that pre-orders via Origin will receive access to the Battlefield 3 beta. News in that GLaDOS voice actor is recording content for Portal 2 DLC and the 3DS suffers a massive price cut worldwide

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CommonCent2684d ago

Didn't this guy die from a blood clot earlier in the week?

hellerphant2684d ago

Which guy died from a blood clot?

Solid_Snake-2684d ago

I WISH....this guy is annoying.

FredEffinChopin2683d ago

Wow, this guy is terrible. The interjection of the clips is a good device when funny people use it, otherwise it looks like someone trying unsuccessfully to mimic someone else's good execution. Tying to be funny, wacky, and engaging works better when funny people do it to.

If the person in that video is reading:
Just be yourself dude, nobody likes a phony.