All-star Roundtable: 3DS Woes?

GameXplain: "Nintendo just pulled off an uncharacteristically brilliant – or last-ditch – move. The price cut and so-called Ambassador Program are a move borne of desperation – or bold foresight. Nintendo’s now in a stronger position from which to dominate Sony and be competitive against Apple – or it’s on the ropes for good, with the writing on the wall. Just which way is it?"

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newsguy2635d ago

Nintendo's a sinking ship now

Trunkz Jr2635d ago

Which will fly out of the water come Christmas time.

Eternalb2635d ago

I like my iphone, even with its cracked screen.

eferreira2635d ago

got a 3ds at launch and have to wait til november for a game that isnt average and thats not a remake :(

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