How You Can Die While Gaming

Many of us play games from time to time but not for that long. There is an exception for a few other people, they like to play almost the entire day, they are considered to be hardcore gamer. There is a downside to playing games for a long time, that downside is death.

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thebudgetgamer2723d ago

as a kid an older cousin almost choked me out wit an nes controller because i kept pulling it out of the console.

JellyJelly2723d ago

I take it you learned your lesson?

thebudgetgamer2723d ago

i did not, in fact it only toughened me up.

JellyJelly2723d ago

@thebudgetgamer - So you're still a cord puller? Fortunately newer consoles pause the game when the controller isn't connected, but it still sounds annoying as hell :)

thebudgetgamer2723d ago

i eventually matured. it was a lot of fun though.

Darkseeker2723d ago

To get a blood clot, you'd need to be standing still for a very long time. Unless you stay in the same position, you don't risk anything no matter how long you play. Most people change position while gaming, go to the bathroom or take a snack.

Even playing for days straight, the only way it could kill you is if your body is depraved of sleep for playing so long.

The 20 years old guy and the 13 years old girl who died recently probably had medical problems. Especially the guy, he was overweight, if not obese, that doesn't help at all.

L6RD7BLU32723d ago

I play games a lot, but I cant sit on my ass all day it gets uncomfortable from sitting long periods at a time.

Cmpunk2723d ago

it's called a social life, i know most gamers these days are very social but there are alot who arn't,

if you want to be a gamer and have a fit and healthy life you need,

a gf [you dont need but it would be great if you did]
sporting activity
a job

im lucky enough to have all of them and im healthy as a salad! :) and skinny as a twig :P

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