( Long Live Blonde FemShep

Marron Marvel "So, I read this opinion article over at PC Gamer criticizing people who are voting for the blonde female Commander Shepard, and I have to wonder if the author is creating a ruckus because of a desire for pageviews, due to boredom, or because of sheer inanity -- or some combination of the three. For those that don't know, the female Commander Shepard will be on the box art for the Mass Effect 3 Collector's Edition. This is the first time the female Shepard will appear in artwork promoting the game, so EA decided to let the fans vote for her new look. Apparently Kim Richards is outraged that more people chose the blonde Shepard over the other five other candidates. "Please, boys and girls, I implore you. Don’t vote for Number 5. Vote for diversity. Vote for originality. Vote for personality," she implores at the end of her article. I look at this, and all I can think is: really? Really?"

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JeromeChance2726d ago

I dont know T, Im kind of partial to 4 and 6.....

NuyoRiquena2726d ago

Go too! Must be in the water. ~_^

MarronMarvel2726d ago

I like 4, too. She and 5 have the best hair.

But I still think it's ridiculous to hate on 5 just because of the color of her hair.

Arcee2726d ago

I am partial to 6 myself, but if 5 won the majority by fair means there is no argument. Majority wins. And just to stereotype based on hair color, that shows a bit of prejudice on some level by the author of the original article. Tiarra has a very valid point.

Pozzle2726d ago

I just wish she'd tie her hair back in a ponytail of something. Having that long fringe flapping around in your face can't be good for soldier who needs the use of both eyes.