Bloody Pavement & Killer Explosions: Why You Should Have Twisted Metal Pre-Ordered

Everyone seems to feel that Twisted Metal is simply not promoted enough by Sony. Maybe it is too early, maybe they are focusing on the marketing for Resistance 3. Many feel that it shows that maybe Sony does not have any hope in the reboot of the franchise. Well, we recently got a hands-on with the title and let us tell you first hand. Pre-order this game, it has everything a Twisted fan would want. To show you, here are our top five reasons why you should pick it up.

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ShadyDevil2730d ago

Twisted Metal looks fantastic. Picking it up day 1.

Abash2730d ago

I already do have it pre-orderd

showtimefolks2730d ago

what i have seen the gameplay is where its all at. I will get it most likely day or or within 2 weeks of launch

2 games i am worried about coming from sony

twisted metal
ratchet all 4 one

I believe both titles will be great but their launch windows could not be any worst. In ratchet's case all recent ratchet games have come out in fall and have done well over time and this one should be not different

in TM's case i believe there is core base of TM fans of few millions that will buy it soon after launch

personally i can't wait for TM to play some online

kreate2728d ago

between resistance 3. uncharted 3. modern warfare 3. twisted metal. dead island. rune factory. god of war hd. splinter cell hd. ico shadow hd. metal gear hd.

i dont know which ones NOT to get. cuz i cant get all of them. nor do i hav the time.

AndyLunique2730d ago

Im def excited for Twisted metal. It just makes me wonder if they are afraid to advertise against such a heavy release season. The advertising for such a unique game should be unique in the same right... but you don't want negative media surrounding this game again. Remember it is def M without even trying lol

trainsinrdr2730d ago

From what ive seen it just looks like a gta4 free roam session at the airport except you cant exit your vehicle...

redDevil872730d ago

trains, you shall be proven wrong once you play it. Trust me it's one of those games thats more fun to play then watch.

ryhanon2730d ago

"one of those games that's more fun to play than watch"


...isn't that true of all games by definition?

Dart892730d ago

Sorry man but playing it and seeing is to whole different things.

blackburn102730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Driving maniacs around in cars armed to the teeth blowing each other up. I really don't see why you should need any other reason to get TM.. Gamers are so boring these days. I am itching to get behind the wheel of Juggernaut and run people down. Muuw ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!! @ trainsinrdr misinformed as per usual. You would feel differently if you actually played a TM game. Darkside and Twister were my favorite.

DarkTower8052730d ago

Ok, I see reasons to buy it (and I will) but no reason to preorder.