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Dealspwn: "Here we go again. Many gamers, myself included, hold up the original Soul Calibur and Soul Calibur II as the pinnacle of the fighting genre, but the subsequent iterations haven't quite managed to nail the fluid mechanics and innovation that this series was once known for. Despite being graphically gorgeous and extremely capable, Soul Calibur IV was soon eclipsed by its competitors and eventually Namco Bandai decided to disband Project Soul. Gamers wailed, signed petitions... and waited.

But now the team is back together; reunited for one last run at the title. They're determined to make Soul Calibur VI, VII, VIII through XV... and to get there, they'll have to make the fifth core game an absolute blinder."

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DanSolo2684d ago

I just ordered a copy of Soul Calibur 4 for a tenner about an hour ago, I hope it is as good as I remember Soul Calibur 2 being on the PS2.

zerocrossing2684d ago

Soul Calibur 4 is great! But I must say its kind of lacking in its content... Well none the less enjoy.