BlastZone 2 Released; indie PC shoot em up by Matt Edzenga

DSOGaming writes: "We said it before and will say it again. Here in DSOGaming we highly support all those indie developers out there. BlastZone 2 is an indie PC shoot em up that was developed by Matt Edzenga and looks great. Matt released a demo for it and the game is available for $10 USD."

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ATi_Elite2635d ago

Looks difficult which should have "SCHMUP" lovers drooling at the mouth

john22635d ago

I'm seriously amazed at what a single person can achieve. Also the top-down/side-scrolling camera changes is an interesting idea!

ATi_Elite2635d ago

Yeh i was impressed with that and some of the enemy weapons fire patterns were really innovative as well.

BeastlyRig2635d ago

Hands Down best indie games are on pc!