Borderlands 2 and Shoddy Journalism

Jim Sterling, "Today, Game Informer announced Borderlands 2. Just like Game Informer announced Darksiders 2, and Saints Row: The Third, and that Bethesda one that we’ve all forgotten the name of. Game Informer is swiftly becoming the game industry’s surrogate PR agency, and the worst part about it is that I totally “get” it."

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matgrowcott2637d ago

Pitchford made a huge mistake, in my mind, making that tweet. On first glimpse it's nothing but a reaction to the news that the announcement (of an announcement) had been made. But the more you think about it, the more you realize that it's a good indicator of how developers think of the press.

Eurogamer is the biggest games publication based in Europe (I believe) and, sure, they ruined the surprise coming less than 24 hours later. But they are professionals, any way you want to look at it, and for Pitchford to pull the 'shoddy journalism' card shows a distinct lack of respect for a group of people that will no doubt later be helping to sell Borderlands 2 to their readers.

I'm reminded of the time that Cliffy B gave an interview and the site taking the interview played up the "lol, PS3 sucks" angle, rather than whatever the interview was actually about. After making probably dozens of comments on the PS3's games to its controller, he was suddenly annoyed at the quality of the journalism, because it brought him the kind of publicity he wasn't looking for at that moment.

It's a depressing thing to dwell on, how much power developers have over the press - especially over newer sites. It's something that isn't likely to change, however.