PS3 40GB in top 10 at Japan Retailer

Advanced sales for Sony Corp.'s 40GB Playstation 3 SKU ranked in top 10 sales at Amazon Japan one week prior to its release in the territory.

The new model, which includes a Blu-ray disc drive, built-in Wi-Fi, a wireless controller, and copy of Spider-Man 3 on Blu-ray disc, ranked at No. 9 on Thurs. morning in the Amazon Japan video games division.

Two PS3 titles rank in the top five in pre-sales at Amazon Japan, including Koei Corp.'s Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires and Capcom Co.'s Devil May Cry 4.

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ActlikeitaintIronman4089d ago

with no good games but GOW
36% failure rate
and stupid fans who are 10 to go with it

PADRE, ill give you money if you need it

lodossrage4089d ago

Ps1 was being beaten by saturn and n64 at first for about 2 years, yet by time that console war was over, who was standing on top, PLAYSTATION.

Ps2 was selling badly in it's first two years, with the same ps3 like dev excuses (too hard to develop for, to expensive, etc.) Yet by time that console war was over, who was standing on top, PLAYSTATION 2

Now, ps3 is facing the same problems it had with ps1 and ps2. And as usual at the beginning, everyone likes to take shots at it. I'm not saying ps3 will be number one again this console war. But I am saying if you're gonna make comment's like padre's ps3=flop crap, at least take history into account.

season0074089d ago

because people always dream about a new comer has a possibility to beat the champion....but as always..champion stays at champion all the time

remix4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

its gonna take the ps3 about 2 from this very day but it will be on top, people are just to much in denial to wanna realize it

and this is just presales. i expect the ps3 to past the wii when the price drop comes at least for a week

lawman11084088d ago

Never mind 2 years. Face it, Sony was trying to sell a BR player that could play games and it blew up in their face. Now that in ONE WEEKEND the HD DVD player closed the gap on stand alone BR players they really are going to c.rap the bed.