Which Store has the best Battlefield 3 Pre-order Bonus?

Game stores are beginning to promote their Battlefield 3 pre-order bonuses in order to persuade users to purchase from their store. There are a few deals that look good at first glance but which one is really the best deal? You decide.

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Solid_Snake-2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

im going with origins.

Hellsvacancy2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

Meh, i shall walk into my local Game shop on the Friday its released, after i finish work and just buy the damn thing

I hate all this pre-order business

Edit: Most of the time the content you recieve from pre-orderin games is an utter waste of money, i was lookin at pre-orderin Deus Ex 3, i was like "wtf?" "pre-order here and get......" i dont want enhanced weapons/armour BEFORE i even start the playin the game, i feel like ill be cheatin

SixZeroFour2633d ago

i dont get what you are saying...preorder doesnt add to the price (atleast not where im from) so if you still plan to buy the game on launch day why not get freebies doing it?

the only ppl preorders wouldnt apply to are the ppl that arent gunna buy it on release

SixZeroFour2632d ago

i see what you mean, but for this particular game (bf3) i would assume you are talking about the gamestop preorder, and i guess i can see your point of view for that one, considering those weapons and equips will be available to all eventually, but what about the amazon or bestbuy preorders...those are extras that dont effect gameplay per se and that i would love to get as a freebie for getting the game on release if i was in your shoes

i mean why complain about free things right? just doesnt make sense

kamakaz3md2632d ago

i just love the fact that bf3 is the biggest game to get this year... of course if you were a true gamer, you would get deus ex 3 also... but thats just me. anyway, bf3 is gonna blow cod away once and for good, thank you dice and ea...