Diablo III and the Auction House: Since When is My Sixty Dollars Not Enough? guest writer Bill Evans shares his thoughts on Diablo III’s recently announced “auction house” where in-game items can be traded for real-world cash. But, there’s a price involved. Isn’t it about time we stopped paying extra for our games?

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JsonHenry2633d ago

No one is gonna make you buy anything. It is a choice.

kreate2633d ago

since when 60 dollar is not enough?

ever since activision took over blizzard

Gran Touring2631d ago

It was a merge, not a takeover, but I get the gist...

Awookie2633d ago

Seriously Blizzard is giving their gamers the opportunity to sell their items for real cash, or players who cant log in many hours to buy them how is this a bad thing??

This will honestly be in every online rpg type game in the future huge innovation from Blizzard instead of trying to shut down those item selling sites have them moderate the transactions and item legitimacy themselves

JsonHenry2633d ago

Haters man. People that don't want other people to enjoy what they "earned" by spending money and not time in game. They want that exclusivity and it is gone now for a price. Its a game and Blizzard is giving people the ability to make their money back by playing a game they like.

evrfighter2633d ago

Doesnt matter if its players or blizzard selling items.

In the end a pay to win game is a pay to win game. In my eyes diablo just dropped down to the level of your own average korean mmo.

ImpliedDeception2633d ago

After reading, I think his beef has more to do with Blizzard dropping 2-3 fees (plus another cut to a money processing service) on sellers in the auction house. The game will cost $10 more than PC games normally do, so why are they taking more money?

If it were F2P, taking a cut of the real-world money would be one thing, but Blizzard (Activision) is making money every way possible on this game, and the author seems to think that it sucks that publishers would hold beloved franchises ransom from the fan-bases that created them/monetize the crap out of them.

I, for one, don't care. The market will bear whatever it will bear, and those who view games as long-term interactive entertainment clearly see that there's money to be made... I don't make/publish games, so I can't say anything. The article got me to think a bit, but I'm still going to be getting Diablo III day one...

Darkfiber2630d ago

If people do this legitimately, I have no issue with it, but this is going to be exploited to all hell and you are ignorant if you think otherwise.

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BubbleSniper2633d ago

people don't realize how big this is... i am foaming at the mouth.

Arthas2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

Why do people bitch about being able to make money back from the game they get to play? Regardless of whether blizzard added this or not, you would have been able to buy this stuff with real money from online sites. But now its legit and you can join the money making scheme. Some people just wanna cry about anything.
Well, here ya go, maybe this will help you...

gamingdroid2633d ago

So you can play the game and even make money. Sounds like a dream come true for most gamers if you ask me!

... your pay though, will probably be just enough to stay in your parent's basement.

Arthas2633d ago

If it eventually pays out enough to pay for the game itself then I think its worth it. It's better than a subscription model. People just dont think before they speak.

Zeixama2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

Arrogant developers gonna arrogant : Activision and Blizzard .
Arrogant corporations gonna arrogant : Apple and Nintendo .
Blind customers gonna being ripped .

You are paying $60 to buy 'entertainment' . When fans and customers of these developers,corporations and publishers begin to overworship them by buying every commercial item of theirs , this is the result .

The second evidence to this Nintendo decreased 3DS price . The first evidence is ...

Arthas2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

wtf? is this a riddle?

despair2633d ago

why do people say things without thinking it through, where in the system is it that they are saying you NEED to buy anything to get everything the game has to offer..ITS ITEMS THAT PLAYERS FIND THAT ARE FOR SALE!!

The model is set up so those without time(or just want everything fast) can get ahead with spending some real or in game cash. And those who invest a lot of time can actually make money of the prior type by farming until they find the rarest of the rare.

It rewards the dedicated and allows the average or newbie gamer to feel strong both at the same time, this is a great model.

mrsatan2633d ago

They already had a model for this. A normal MMO auction house functions the same way without the bullshit requirement of real money. I don't mind things being sold for real money but there should be an option to acquire stuff off the auction house for items or ingame currency. The more I hear about this game, the less I want to play it.

despair2633d ago

there is the option for using in game money, they player sets the price and it can be real or in game cash. Whats the big deal, you can play the entire game without ever bothering with the auctions. Its not like it will affect your normal playing.

T3MPL3TON 2633d ago

Sweet so it has an intrusive DRM and a cash shop. YAY! It has all the things I'd ever want EVER in a game. Next they'll tell me they have an Online Pass and I can be super duper excited. Oh boy, who wouldn't pre-order this?

.... sigh

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