Frostbite 2.0 versus CryEngine3: Who makes the superior graphics engine?

Join as we take a look at these two impressive graphic engines.

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Jejojaja2633d ago

They're both impressive engines.

theonlylolking2633d ago

I say frostbite 2 is better just from what I have seen. Devs will like the game engine that is easier to develop for and that might bet he cryengine 3.

1.that is off topic
2.idtech 5 sucks(at least on consoles)
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Ducky2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

"2.idtech 5 sucks(at least on consoles)"

How so? It's like... one of the few engines that runs at 60fps while still boasting decent visuals.
... and RAGE hasn't released yet.

JsonHenry2633d ago

When it comes to consoles the best that I have seen from screenshots/videos is IDtech5. For the PC it would appear that FB2.0 is better if you are aiming for realism because of the lighting.

ATi_Elite2633d ago

The Cryengine 3 is very awesome and does many things right but i see the CE3 being the new unreal engine and becoming very generic for video games.

Frostbite 2.0 with it's destruction and physics is very awesome and it doesn't support DX9 which i love.

I've played Crysis 2 DX11 and although BF3 is not out yet.....I'm gonna give the edge to Fostbite 2.0 cause the BF3 blows Crysis 2 DX11 out the water.

but it's a tough call.

Pandamobile2633d ago

Can't really tell at this point.

Both have cutting edge real time lighting and global illumination.
Both have deep roots with DirectX 11.
Both can render incredibly large maps.
Both can have amazing teams behind them.
FB2 has its awesome world destruction.
CE3 has its amazing modding capability.

xYLeinen2633d ago


First you started with the similarities which makes them excellent then you could go on to their individual strength which makes them both great in their own ways.

beastgamer2633d ago

if i had to be fair, I think cry engine 3 is more amazing, just their own developers don't know how to make a game out of it. We all played crysis 2

Pandamobile2633d ago

Yea, it was pretty awesome.

davidlawrence102633d ago

The best engine with regards to visuals is probably the Real Virtuality engine used by Bohemia Interactive for Arma games, you only have to look at the new Arma III screens to see that.

C_Menz2633d ago

I disagree, Arma 3 may look great with the draw distances but the visuals overall and in normal view are not on par with B3/Crysis 2

davidlawrence102632d ago

It's not looking bad considering the games not due for a year though.

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The story is too old to be commented.