MW3 Hardened Edition given to CoD: XP attendees

When Call of Duty: XP was first announced by Activision in June, they didn’t release all the information about the event. Activision has now come out and said that all the people who attend the convention will get a voucher to pick up the Hardened edition of Modern Warefare 3 this November.

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Saaj2633d ago

Thats pretty cool... Wouldn't mind doing the paintball there

Blacktric2632d ago

You pay 150 dollar to get in and they give you the 80 dollar version of MW 3? That's a pretty good deal.

ddkshah2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

I live in NY not fair I can never go to any of these conventions :(

Agent_hitman2632d ago

So you have to pay just to play call of duty Elite??