Vivid Gamer - Catherine Review

Rebecca Quintana of Vivid Gamer writes, "Plain and simply, Catherine is unlike any single game you’ve ever played, as it is basically a unification of two genres: one part visual novel, one part puzzle. “That sounds like a graphic adventure,” you may say, but the two genres are so disparate that someone who walked in on you playing the two portions might not even realize you were playing the same game. On paper, this might sound like a recipe for disaster, and I’ll admit, the game gets off to a rough start. Somehow, though, Atlus makes it work. While the experience might not be for everyone (but really, what Atlus game is?), it is something, when taken as a whole, that is a unique experience worth your time."

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theherp802633d ago

i think it warrants a rental but i'll be playing it on easy lol

rrquinta2633d ago

LOL. Normal really isn't much more difficult than easy, but if you just want to enjoy the story the first time through it's an easy way to get through relatively quickly. :)

Cpt_kitten2633d ago

games got 8 endings, and its totally worth the are for like portal 2 where you can beat it in a sitting, Catherine takes time if you do everything

rrquinta2633d ago

Yeah, if you really want to see the different endings and beat the other modes you will be playing for quite a while. If just one playthrough is fine for you, then you could do a rental. If you are good and play on easy you could get through in about 12-14 hours. It took me 24 but I took my time.

admiralvic2633d ago

Yet I beat Catherine in 1 sitting... LOL