New 'Unlimited Detail' Screens Make Crysis 2 Look Dated

GB: "Yesterday we had reported about some screens for the upcoming ‘Unlimited Detail’ engine and initially we were not impressed. A few hours ago we got our hands on some new screens from ’Unlimited Detail’ engine which looks to be from the latest build."

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Fishy Fingers2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

GamingBolts earlier (today) article:
"First Screens Of ‘Unlimited Detail’ Engine Are Far From Impressive"

What a crappy website...

Mike_Tha_Hero2634d ago

Shoddy journalism at it's best. N4G is filled with this.

evrfighter2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

lol they're a flippin and a floppin.

I don't really participate in the exiling of gaming sites outside of hhg but it wasn't even a couple weeks ago where I said these guys won't ever be big because of their crappy journalism.

just going by the dudes comments further below I can tell this site is ran is arrogant turds who put their opinion higher than others because they run a no name site.

I'd rather take a jim sterling article more seriously than I would any other future aritcles from gaming bolt. Now I've given them some hits in the past. but just because Rashid Sayed is being a prick here at n4g. It tells me one thing.

GamingBolt manufactures articles for n4g and n4g only by using hhg tactics. I wish n4g offered a feature that would allow me to ignore web sites so that I'd never have to see them again.

SilentNegotiator2634d ago

It's impressive, but so would be the computer capable of processing this, along with gameplay-related calculations.

Heartnet2634d ago

They probably found a way around that :) Otherwise theyd be wasting there time and they obviously dont think they are :)

Motion2634d ago

The level of detail does look impressive, I agree. The only problem with the tech is that the memory requirements are huge, and animation is incredibly difficult-- to the point that it's entirely impractical to use it as a game engine. It may get there someday, but in its current state its only good for static worlds.

gameseveryday2635d ago ShowReplies(2)
HeavenlySnipes2634d ago

I was trying to see what the hell was so impressive...

milohighclub2634d ago

if you watch the vids they admit they aint artists, with proper artists this will be ground breaking tech!

Heartnet2634d ago

Its the fact everything is in 3D and not some Plane or a skybox to give the Illusion Of 3D

Miiikeyyy2634d ago

How does this look shit? the details are amazing. besides, give this to a game developer and we'd see way better stuff

Mike_Tha_Hero2634d ago

Your avatar with that statement is win lol.

PS3ROCKS2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

YMCA Yo Man Crazy Awesome

Otheros002634d ago

Looks like shit and would take gigabytes of data to move them a few frames. Crysis 1 leaves look better than that.

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