Madden NFL 12 Gameplay Trailer

Watch the full 1st Quarter of action between the Falcons and Eagles in Madden NFL 12.

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waltyftm2632d ago

Very impressive, gets better EVERY YEAR.

Sub-Zero852631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Ill wait for the demo like I did with NCAA Football 12 if I like the demo and I see major improvements then I will reserve it if not I wont bother !!!

NoobJobz2631d ago

Wow, the people playing were beyond terrible. What a bad video to show. Nothing exciting happened. No big runs, no great catches, no touchdowns. Hell, they barely got a first down. Boring.

If I was just going off that, I would definetely pass. But I'm gonna wait for the demo.

Random: I like how the announcer pre game said something like " and now for the offensive starters" but then only Roddy and Matt come out of the tunnel. So there are only two offensive starters?

Raven_Nomad2631d ago

SSDD. EA is terrible, they ruin everything. Way to buy the NFL license and stop competition. Competition is what drives us to be better, now EA doesn't have to worry about that.