Saving Content - Duke Nukem Forever (360) Quasi-Review


"Duke Nukem is one of those game characters who you just can’t help but love. He’s got the attitude, the babes, and the guns. He’s got a no lose policy, and he’ll take on alien scum without anything more than his own fists if necessary. We’ve been waiting for fifteen years since the original concept was brought to life, and Gearbox software had finally brought Duke Nukem back into our lives. For some of us, who have followed the development faithfully, it really did feel like forever.

Crouch, Jump, Strafe. Playing Duke Nukem Forever (DNF) plays just as Duke3D did back so many years ago. Playing DNF is like riding a bike, simple to just pick up and play, exactly as if you just put down the controller for Duke3D yesterday. I’m happy that at least they didn’t screw up the controls."

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