Has PlayStation Vita Lost its Greatest Advantage?

Gamerfeed: "Up until recently, Sony hasn't exactly had its best years in terms of the gaming industry. While the PlayStation 3 is definitely a force to be reckoned with now, it took nearly five years to reach that point. The PlayStation Portable quickly became quite irrelevant outside of Japan, despite some fantastic software. But with the more recent success of the PlayStation 3, Sony has finally started taking back what it lost to Microsoft and Nintendo after the PlayStation 2. Now we're awaiting the launch of the PlayStation Vita which Sony is hoping will go well and beyond what the PlayStation Portable ever did."

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NukaCola2637d ago

"Up until recently, Sony hasn't exactly had its best years in terms of the gaming industry."

Opening Line just sucks. Other than 2006-2007, the PS3 has nothing but the best of years for over 15 years.

Anyway, the outcome of Vita in the end, is on the choice of the consumers to get one, but we can all agree that Sony has addressed every issue with both the PSP and PS3 and now has made sure the system and interface of the Vita is the best of it's kind. It may be the best peice of gaming the tech ever made. I am more than impressed and confident in their product. I cannot find one thing about Vita that bothers me.

WhiteLightning2637d ago

Agreed, Sony have obviously learnt from there mistakes and from 2008 onward they've done nothing but improve and give fans what they want exclusives, new IPs, amazing single player and multiplayer experiences unlike some who wuld rather shove a motion device down peoples throat untill they choke.

jony_dols2637d ago

Sony have addressed every criticizm of the old PSP. They have done a great job listening to both the developers & consumers & they have corrected any issues that were prevelaint on the old device.

Well done Sony. Now it's down to the consumer.

newleaf2637d ago

there we go...was wondering when someone would come to SONY's defence by attacking another company...good job.

LOGICWINS2637d ago

"Now it's down to the consumer."

That in itself is likely to be an issue. You think the mainstream will pay $300 for a portable gaming device that doesn't have Nintendo or Apple in its name?

Drekken2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

Cry more newleaf. In comparison to the other two comparable console manufacturers... Sony kicks ass. If people aren't allowed to compare companies that provide the same or similar services, how would competition drive better products and help people decide which fits their needs better?

tl;dr - newleaf, grow up.

LOGICWINS2637d ago

"Cry more newleaf. In comparison to the other two comparable console manufacturers... Sony kicks ass. If people aren't allowed to compare companies that provide the same or similar services, how would competition drive better products and help people decide which fits their needs better? tl;dr - newleaf, grow up."

Its amusing how you tell someone to "grow up", yet your comment begins with "cry more".

Drekken2637d ago

So are you saying I need to grow up because I think its funny that people cry over the dumbest things?

Rrobba2637d ago


Very true.

NewMonday2637d ago

Sony forced Nintendo's hand with the 250$ price, it was a "win win" situation for them.

Nintendo had to let the PSV launch with the same price as the 3DS and lose a big market share, or cut the price prematurely and lose lots of money.

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JonnyBigBoss2637d ago

What in the world is he talking about? Sony not doing well in the industry? This guy must be hiding under a huge rock.

Parapraxis2637d ago

Read the URL, it will explain all.

Misterhbk2637d ago

I've been hearing this idea that the Vita has suddenly lost its value now that the 3DS got a price drop, and I don't see how that can possibly be. If everyone recalls, people were speculating on a 399+ price point for the Vita considering the tech that it has inside. It's still priced extremely competitively and is packed full of value, despite Nintendo throwing all of their cards on the table.

If anything Nintendo has a lot to worry about. They've put themselves in a position where they have little room for price drops in the future, and have taken a serious chunk of the perceived value away from the 3DS.

Let's say they do extremely well this holiday and outsell the Vita by a ton of units. Then what? What happens in a year or so when the Vita does get it's own price drop and again, the value of the 3DS is lost? Nintendo is backing themselves into a corner because this is about as cheap as the 3DS can get for the next 3-4 years.

I'm not trying to be all gloom and doom for Nintendo. I am upset about the extra 80 dollars I spent, but oh well, that's my own fault. I still plan on picking up Pokemon 3DS whenever that comes around, and any good RPGs that come to the system, but this isn't just about first year sales, it's abut the long run and Nintendo should know that.

Parapraxis2637d ago

BMW's must lose value when Porche 911's drop in price...right?
People are tards, author is just another one. don't let it get to you.

Misterhbk2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

If a Porsche dropped to within 1000 dollars of a BMW which do you think most people would choose to spend their money on?

Now considering the difference in price ranges for those vehicles, an analogy comparing say a Honda Accord getting a price drop would indeed effect the value of a Toyota Camry since they are competing in the same market.

Close_Second2637d ago

You're easily pleased then. The Vita falls short for me on a number of fronts but then again, its not just about gaming for me anymore.

TBM2637d ago

please explain, because i'm loving with im seeing so far. to me it will be the perfect handheld gaming system. i don't see phones/tablets giving me the same experiences as the vita

Close_Second2637d ago

Web browsing
Battery Life
Video Codec Support
Lack of internal storage
Telco Support

Still too many unknowns and as I said, I'm more than just gaming. Also, tablets/smartphones will dump over the Vita in terms of raw power within 12 months of the Vita being released.

Achemki2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

I don't see the relevance of the opening paragraph either. Nearly 5 years for PS3 to have success?! As in nothing from 2006-2011? Seems every year they like to push the goal posts back just a lil' further. What is it with people living under rocks always needing to write about the world from the view of their basement window, lol?

PSP is currently outselling the 3DS two-to-one yet Benjamin Yoda still feels that primal fanboy tickle to say it's irrelevant. We know it's easier to just make up numbers than it is to actually research them vgchartz, but come on.

Could've sworn games like MGS4 & LBP were winning awards, selling units and lighting up metacritic as far back as '08, but what do I know. Proof is so passe. :/

pain777pas2637d ago

Gamers support a device that is for us. You see the care that was put in and the price that they can get it to us out the gate. If we want hardcore games to continue to flourish on the go we have to support this. I have a feeling this may be the last hardcore handheld unless Apple wakes up and puts a Dpad, analog sticks and buttons on an Itouch. Nintendo can ditch the DS and make another Gameboy if they want aswell. But from where I sit without speculation the Vita has all the bases covered to be successful if the core want to support a handheld built to play core games the way that we want them to be played without sacrifices and possibly subtle or obvious enhancements. I pre-ordered already so I am all set for the Vita. Gamers... Get a life you know you can have one if you want one.

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cochise3132637d ago

Even with the price drop, I don't think the 3ds will be able to compete with the Vita. The vita just seems like you're getting so much bang for your buck.

LOGICWINS2637d ago

So..ur saying that when the holidays come around the corner that parents will buy the $250 Vita over the $170 3DS because they KNOW that Vita offers a better value?

cochise3132637d ago

Uh noooo, but hardcore gamers see it as a steal. Vita is going to be huge. The 3ds won't be able to compete. You'll see. Nintendo knows this, which is why they were so quick to drop the price. That huge price drop was an act of desperation.

LOGICWINS2637d ago

^^ Woah woah woah, ur all over the place. First u say that u don't think that the 3DS can compete with all of a sudden ur restricting the argument to hardcore gamers? What exactly is ur point?

maniacmayhem2637d ago

I agree with logic. Parents out number the "hardcore" gamer.

I personally think each portable wont do its expected numbers just because of the rise of smartphones. Pre-teens and teens would rather text and check facebook rather than play Uncharted.

fluffydelusions2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

The real competition for 3DS/Vita is not each other but rather smartphones and tablets. I know what you're thinking because I think the same thing. Smartphones cannot replace handhelds but a large portion of consumers don't feel the same. It's rather apparent smartphones have cut into the handheld market. Most devs have already stated this as fact. I even know a guy over in Japan who develops games and he says the phone market is becoming massive for gaming.

LOGICWINS2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

"Smartphones cannot replace handhelds but a large portion of consumers don't feel the same."

I made this point a few weeks before Vita was officially announced. I don't know why, but many people here(N4G) believe that their opinions mirror most consumers.

The reality at the moment is that MOST consumers looking to game on the go will NOT spend $300 on a portable gaming machine and will instead choose to play $3 casual games on their smartphone...even if the $300 machine offers a better gaming experience.

If in THIS day in age u still believe that smartphones don't have an effect on portable gaming console sales then you need serious reality check.

TBM2637d ago

well thank god im not one of those people. i'd rather have a true gaming experience while im on the go. whether its to work or just traveling somewhere. i'd rather have a handheld with proper controls, buttons and full fledged games im more interested in than these little 2-3 dollar games.

NLGSean2637d ago

Wow you have no clue at all dude... There are more casual gamers and kids compared to hardcore gamers... You can look to Wii system sales and the fact that games like Just Dance, Pokemon & Zumba Fitness outsell Killzone 3, Infamous 2, Mortal Kombat and L.A. Noire...

MasterCornholio2637d ago

What you say is true. But Sony is aiming the Vita at the core which is why i am picking it up.

Stealth2k2637d ago

I hate it when these no facts articles come for the 3ds. But they also suck for vita

blackburn102637d ago

I love when gamers defend a system with the fact that people are so blind, naive or dumb that they will buy it anyway. Is that supposed to be a good thing or something? I make cheap, outdated $hit but fortunately everyone is to misinformed to notice?

The funny part is if Sony did this with the VITA gamers would be saying 'See, this proves what crap the VITA is but of course blind Sony fanboy sheep will buy it anyway' a there would be 3 times the negative articles saying how evil and greedy Sony is, how bad they are at pricing and how they were afraid of the 3DS and dropped the price in a cowardly deserate move. But as usual with Nintendo its 'Good move Nintendo a huge price drop is a genius idea and not deserate at all 'grins'

TyrionL2637d ago

Yea poor, poor Sony. Everyone's always picking on them huh?

blackburn102637d ago

Yeah, pretty much to the point where its become [email protected] JBSleek but what about PS1 and PS2 years? What was wrong with them? Anyway nothing has really changed for me the VITA still is a steal for all the things they are giving you.

This isn't the 3DS were its tech is outdated already. The VITA has solid tech from the get go. Not sure what is with the obcession with having to buy new tech every 2 years. The VITA is a long term investment for me not a distraction until the company can think of another reason to make me pay more money for a new device And until the mobiles can get the level of control a handheld has and can play all types of genres who really gives a $hit?

JBSleek2637d ago

PS Vita is going to have a hard time trying to compete. It's over-sized and the advances in phones are becoming to great.

The new nVidia Tegra 3 (Kal-El) will easily compete with the PS Vita and it had become under-powered from day one. A phone can do everything the Vita can.

From a business stand point Vita is not good for business should have combined it will the Xperia Play and kept it an all in one phone device.

Ulf2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

You realize that phone apps are written in Objective-C and Java, right? Two languages that are next to impossible to optimize well. At best they are 50% the speed of C/C++ when compiled, and that's in simple tight-loop comparisons. Throw some actual game code in there, with a load of function calls, and it gets even worse. You can write code in C/C++ for phones, but you have to then create a different executable for *every* variation of phone hardware... so it tends to just not happen.

Also, a phone, unlike a dedicated gaming device, has to reserve a ton of memory for the OS, needs to constantly run other services in the background, and needs to be able to shutdown at a moment's notice (which can really hinder the amount of resources you can have allocated at once) so you can answer your ringing phone.

They also suffer from the PC "lowest common denominator" issue.

I didn't even mention that they don't have dedicated gaming controls (except for the Sony phone)... lol.

Phones will never match dedicated gaming handhelds. Overcoming the obstacles I mentioned is not gonna happen, especially when the most popular phone apps are as simplistic as Poker and Angry Birds.

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